top six stories of the last two weeks

  • Ari Romero, Jesus Nunez, and Pedro Septien all passed away
  1. Oficial 911 lost his mask and X-Fly lost his hair in the main event of the Arena Naucalpan 36th Anniversary show. It was the final of a three way mixed partners double apuesta match, with Golden Magic & Hijo del Pirata Morgan getting the win. 911 was the last of the Oficials trios to hold on to his mask.
  2. Negro Casas versus Titan is the surprise final of Leyenda de Plata. The field was missing a lot of usual names (because of vacations or other reason), but neither appeared to be the favorite and Titan was a huge underdog. The final is Friday or the winner faces Volador next Friday, depending on which part of CMLL you’re listening to at that time.
  3. Stigma defeated Camorra for his mask this past Monday. The outcome was no surprise. The show seemed to draw well for the hometown guy getting the big win, despite Camorra being an opening match Mexico City rudo of no significance before this feud. It was Stigma’s second mask win of 2013. He’s still an interchangeable midcard in CMLL Mexico City, but might actually be a local draw in Puebla now.
  4. Mistico hurt his shoulder again in a 12/17 trios title match. The injury was enough to prevent him from rejoining the match until the finish and seemed to be bothering him after the match. That match was Mistico’s last match before a previous scheduled break, and Mistico has yet to reappear. Mistico could be fine and just still on (needed) vacation, Mistico could be hurt and unable to wrestle, Mistico could be anything in between – no one knows, or at least no one’s said anything. Mistico is again the focal point of this year’s FantasticaMania – he was supposed to be last year, but hurt the same shoulder and missed all the shows. NJPW and CMLL have unusually not announced any matches for the shows, but also haven’t warned about any injury.
  5. AAA announced their January/early February taping schedule, in familiar locals of Naucalpan, Toluca and Ecatepec. The Naucalpan taping, on 01/17, has a place keeping card as normal for this time of the year. The tapings are every other weekend, leaving plenty of weekends for any US taping – but still nothing officially has been said about the US group.
  6. DTU’s 6th anniversary show saw Ciclope lose his hair to Rocky Santana, and Kaleth lost his mask to Rey Celestial. Jinzo won the vacant Alto Impacto title, and Angel o Demonio won the Consagrado championship
  • Ricky Marvin defeated Guadalajara independent luchador Tony Rodriguez in the main event of the latest ChilangaMask card. Fulgor I picked up the Mexico State welterweight championship, while Extreme Tiger defeated Impulso in the semimain event
  • Besides the Leyenda de Plata, Negro Casas also defeated Volador on a Sunday show. Volador’s been featured since his tecnico turn but doesn’t seem to be meaning much to the turnout yet. The lingering Sombra/Volador issue has been sidestepped for the time with Sombra going on vacation soon after his returning from Japan. This Friday will be the first time they’ve been on the same card together since Volador’s turn.
  • Flamita lost his third of the Dragon Gate Enter the Triange Gate championship to wrap up his and Rocky Lobo’s long tour with the promotion.
  • El Dandy announced a retirement tour.
  • Heavy Metal won the championship of his own promotion.
  • Marcela, Gringos VIP and Canek kept their title

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