Christmas Day shows, Jesus Nunez, Perro Aguayo on US plans

Jesus Nunez passed away Tuesday. Nunez was one of the original office employees for AAA and was still working there in the PR department until his passing. The last couple posts on his Twitter account are photos of him escorting AAA luchadors to different TV shows.  He’d been on screen as the AAA barber for hair matches. Nunez had been in the hospital for a few days and passed away due to pneumonia. There was an outpouring of messages about his passing on Twitter – this is an incomplete list – with AAA and non-AAA people calling him as a great friend.

There are a lot of lucha libre shows tonight in Mexico. All the regular Tuesday & Thursday shows are taking place today, and all the arenas who only run shows occasionally (like Arena Neza or Arena Azteca Budokan) are active for the holiday. The Arena Mexico show has a weekend start time of 5pm, Atlantis, Titan, La Mascara vs Hijos del Averno main event there. The main event in Guadalajara is Shocker, Porky, Volador versus Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangelis, but the gift match is Blue Panther & Solar I versus Arkangel de la Muerte & Negro Casas. IWRG celebrates the holiday with a tournament around the Rock y Lucha title. IWL runs in Tlalnepantla, Familia de Tijuana main event a home building show, and there are mask vs hair matches in Juarez, Queretaro and Chihuahua.

Perro Aguayo Jr. says the Perros del Mal will invade the US in January or February and give a big challenge to the WWE. If AAA US is airing in March, that date makes sense – they’ll probably need more time in between taping and airing that show at least to start. The second part I’m not so sure about.

Pentagoncito and Gran Misterio are teaching lucha libre in jail. Pentagoncito is in jail for murder (27.5 years) and Gran Misterio is in for kidnapping and robbery (32 years) and trying to help other people live better lives while they’re stuck in prison.

Gimnasio San Francisco Tecoxpa will be renamed Gimnasio Tony Sugar this weekend in honor of the luchador.

Today’s the 34th anniversary of Sangre India dying in Arena Coliseo.

LuchaWorld has PosterMania for the week and a recap of Sunday’s Terra show.

Bill has highlights of 09/08/13 CMLL and IWRG 09/01/13 with IWRG vs AULL.

Medio Tiempo recaps April & May.

4 thoughts to “Christmas Day shows, Jesus Nunez, Perro Aguayo on US plans”

  1. Did you mean that Pentagoncito and Gran Misterio are teaching lucha libre in jail? Otherwise, if Pentagoncito and Gran Misterio are in prison (presumably in Mexico) for such violent crimes and they’re being allowed to travel to Japan to train…wow.

  2. I think it’s hillarious that Perro Jr. thinks he’s going to be big competition for WWE. What a diusional man.

  3. According to Aereo and Pagano facebooks, Aereo took Pagano’s hair on Wednesday in Gimnasio Josue Nery Santos of Ciudad Juarez. Apparently Pagano was touching the first rope but the referee not see that action. Pagano says that was a theft but Aereo says the referee and the second was helping Pagano, so Pagano must accept his defeat due Aereo was the best in the match. Was an extreme and air match, the fans rated it a candidate to match of the year.

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