12/07-09 lucha times


TxT usually airs on Cadena3 the week after their live show, but there’s no TxT show on the schedule this week. Dunno.

En Busca de un Idolo is not on the schedule, which means the finale will probably never air. Great CMLL television work as always. (The best part is they have the episode produced and we have an internet and never shall the two meet.)

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Listed on Televisa’s site as back at 1 hour, but they’ve been squirrely of late. Aguascalientes seems like it’ll be a one week taping, so probably Secta/Psycho Circus (to set up Consejo getting a title match) and the Perros breakup airs on Televisa and as much as they could fit in the full show. Normally, the women’s opener wouldn’t make air, but since that matter and the Mexican Powers/Anarquia match does not, maybe they’ll make a switch.

== CMLL ==

FOX: Invasors vs CMLL cibernetico.

52MX: Titan vs Averno, maybe a Cancerberos match from Guadalajara? Semimain should not air, will probably air.

C3: more Maximo/Rey Escorpion build

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Pesta Negra vs Estetas.

Terra Friday: Titan vs Polvora, Delta/Maya/Stuka vs Okumura/Virus/Namajague.

Terra Sunday: Peste Negra vs Maximo/Rush/Volador

Lucha Azteca: Negro Casas vs Rush

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: Canis Lupus vs Golden Magic

Noches de Coliseo: No results from Sunday’s show, and Tuesday’s show was more interesting. Maybe a mix.

IWL: probably a new week! I have no idea what show that would be.

DTU: matches from the 09/10 Arena Aficion show – six way match and a three way tag. And it’s already up.

Sin Cara, AAA/US, DTU AI title vacant, Metal/Crazy, Xtreme Tiger

DTU (TUE) 12/03/2013 Arena Aficion [Estrellas del Ring, Funcion Estelar]
1) Artikus & JC MaClean b La Magnifica & Lanzeloth and Chica Ye-Ye & Xatana
Chica Ye Ye replaced Kalibus.
2) Rey Celestial b Ángel del Misterio, Kaleth, Aero Boy, Violento Jack, Hormiga
Celestial beat Angel del Silencio. Pequeno Cobra went missing.
3) Drastik Boy & Roderick Strong b Black Fire & Joey Ryan and Hacker & Septimo Dragon
Drastick beat Black Fire.
4) Slayer Pack & X-Fly b Crazy Boy & Jhonky
Slayer Pack beat Crazy Boy after a Heavy Metal distraction (and a fall onto some light tubes.) Metal and Crazy Boy agreed to a match for the Anniversary show.
5) Demente Extreme & Paranoiko b Ángel o Demonio & Ovett and Cíclope & Miedo Extremo
Paranoiko beat Ovett, then invited himself into the anniversary apuesta match.

DTU says Tomahawk announced he would not be able to return to Mexico to defend the DTU Alto Impacto champion, so DTU has vacated the title and deciding a new champion on their anniversary show. They’ve also announced a three way tag match of Super Crazy family members – Super Crazy, Crazy Boy, Lanzeloth, Artikus, Pesadilla and Lethal (ex-Konami). No teams have actually been announced and that match has to change if Crazy Boy’s facing Heavy Metal.

Tonight’s IWRG show has Canis Lupus versus Golden Magic for the IWRG IC Welterweight championship. Canis Lupus is already looking past it, hoping they rematch in a mask versus mask match. I think there’s a decent chance of a title change.

WWE told prowrestling.net that the “The original performer behind the Sin Cara mask remains under contract to WWE.” Mistico’s not fired, but calling him the original is a roundabout admission he’s no longer the guy under the mask. Mistico’s annoyed enough people that they’re not going to let him go early; he’s going to sit at home until the contract runs out. It shouldn’t be much longer. This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter says Sin Cara’s contract ends in January; the WWE has options to extend but obviously will not.

The same Wrestling Observer had this bit about the AAA in US project

The target date is March, but you know how that goes. [The El Rey Nework] do have some major players in the entertainment world behind them, but they also have a very different vision of pro wrestling. It’s not Wrestling Society X, but if you recall the MTV-based promotion that went with an outlandish production of wrestling on what was a viable station and ended up only lasting one season. The product will be far from WWE, which is good, and far from AAA as we know it.

Konnan hinted at this direction a few months ago on his podcast; I think he used the word “superheroes” there, which may be an idea of the direction. This sounds concerning: the general idea of TV people who know OF lucha libre but don’t know lucha libre making big decisions could turn out badly. Still, new ideas are a good idea and always needed, and we won’t really be able to tell how their ideas work until we get to see it so it’s not worth worrying about now. I’m curious how much the AAA in Mexico product will change – maybe it’ll just be left alone.

Anyway, let’s have fun: when will the first AAA show air on El Rey Network? Leave your guess of the month and day (and maybe the year) in the comments and the closest will get – something. Maybe nothing, I haven’t thought this out. Don’t let that stop you from guessing.

Xtreme Tiger wrestled a tryout match on last night’s TNA tapings, losing to Zema Ion. He wrestled under the name Ultimate Tiger, as TNA requires everyone to use a TNA-specific name. Tiger’s wrestlers Ion before and the match was said to be good. It’ll air on the TNA Xplosion show, which does not air in the US but does internationally, sometime in January.

CMLL Gaceta notes the ten year anniversary of Arkangel de la Muerte defeating Angel Azteca for his mask. Arkangel says it doesn’t feel like 10 years ago and he learned a lot from Azteca. The articles notes Angel Azteca Jr. came in for revenge and that it never really happened This was about the end of Azteca’s career, losing the mask in one last big feud like Tigre Blanco and the Rayo Tapatios in recent years. He became a referee soon after, but didn’t stick there and was wrestling on indy shows before his passing. That 12/05/2003 card not only had that mask match, but a major hair match (Universo/Pierroth), the finals of the trios tournament (the doomed Felino/Safari/Volador team) and big and/or good matches in the undercard. Not sure this year’s card is going to have all that.

Hijo del Santo says Santo Jr. is about a year away from debuting, and his movie should come to theaters in summer of 2014. Probably just about the time he’s ready to announce a return.

TerceraCaida had interviews with some of the people in Sunday’s card match, plus the usual after the show video.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.



IWRG FILL (TUE) 12/10/2013 Arena Naucalpan
1) Black Nico, Lady Drago, Voltar vs Mercenario De La Muerte, Sexy Girl, Ultimo Caballero
2) Skrull Metal & Versus vs Muerte Infernal II & Vampiro Metalico II
3) Alfa, Omega, Seiya vs Araña de Plata, Atomic Star, Electro Boy
4) Emperador Azteca, Hip Hop Man, Metaleon vs Anubis Black, Fulgor II, Kalim Black
5) Alan Extreme, Astro Rey Jr., Blue Monsther, Canis Lupus, Centvrión, Freyser, Golden Magic, Picudo Jr. vs Dragón Celestial, Fulgor I, Imposible, Látigo, Matrix Jr., Power Bull, Sky Ángel, Zurdog [Toreno FILL]
billed as the 31st tournament (ex-High Power). Teams are the first generation students (led by Black Terry) versus the second generation (led by Bombero Infernal.)

There are a lot of fun things going on here, but let’s zero in on Blue Monsther. Blue Monsther has been training with IWRG at least since 2011. Blue Monsther has appeared on 10 FILL shows, which might be a record. Everyone in that cibernetico has made it to a normal IWRG show except poor Blue Monsther (unless he’s worked under a different name, which I hope is true because this is a sad story.) Blue Monsther will probably be pinned first.

Versus is a clear attempt to break wrestling databases. I’m just waiting for a SQL hack based name next.

Should I ever be made Czar of Lucha Libre, one of my first moves will be to ban all new luchadoras from using the words “Sexy” or “Lady”. You’ve got to be a bit more creative than that.

CMLL (TUE) 12/10/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Bengala & Metatrón vs Cholo & Zayco
2) Metálico, Molotov, Sensei vs Disturbio, Hijo del Signo, Nosferatu
3) Fuego, Soberano Jr., Stigma vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Sangre Azteca
4) Dark Angel vs Dalys [lightning]
5) Blue Panther, Shocker, Thunder vs Felino, Mr. Águila, Tiger
6) Diamante Azul, La Sombra, Máximo vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Niebla, Rey Escorpión

Sombra does not like the idea of Volador being a tecnico – UH OH.

Lightning match build on last week’s finish, so it may air. Or it should air.

Arena Mexico is a much shorter trip for Camorra if he’d like to hello to Stigma again. Not sure what Soberano did to escape the segunda but it’s a good deal for him.

CMLL (TUE) 12/10/2013 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Black Metal & Leo vs Exterminador & Maléfico
2) Magnus, Sky Kid, Smaker vs Mr. Trueno, Raziel, Rey Trueno
3) Goya Kong, Marcela, Silueta vs Amapola, La Comandante, Tiffany
4) Sagrado, Solar I, Stuka Jr. vs Negro Navarro, Olímpico, Psyco Ripper
5) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto

Estetas versus Averno & Negro and Solar stick around all weekend. Also, not so fast on the Truenos title match.