Marvin, Terry, Valiente and Cometa win in ChilangaMask

photo by Black Terry Jr.

ChilangaMask (SUN) 11/17/2013 Coliseo Coacalco [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), MT]
1) Karma b Psycho Kid
2) Jeque NC Arkángel de la Muerte
Isis kept interfering, so Silueta ran out to stop her and it turned into a tag match.
3) Arkángel de la Muerte & Reina Isis b Jeque & Silueta
Replaced the Isis/Silueta singles match.
4) Titán (CMLL) b Aero Boy, Astro Rey Jr., Latin Dragon, Magnifico
Titan beat Dragon to win. Latin Dragon announced Aero Boy would be going to CZW on 01/11. Titan challenged Aero Boy to a match.
5) Rey Cometa b Impulso [falls count anywhere]
Referee didn’t know the stipulation and started counting out the luchadors anytime they left the ring. Impulso did a crazy dive onto Cometa’s knees and Cometa used a tornillo to win.
6) Dr. Cerebro & Trauma II b Cerebro Negro & Trauma I [Relevos Increíbles]
7) Valiente DQ Negro Navarro
DQ for Navarro accidentally hitting the referee. Valiente was very unhappy with the result
8) Black Terry b Solar I
Terry challenged Solar to a hair vs mask or championship match.
9) Ricky Marvin b Belial
Either this or the Cometa/Impulso match were said to be the best of the show, though people seemed to be raving more about this. Belial battled Marvin, but lost in the end to a Santa Maria. Money throw in after.

Maybe a breakout match for Belial, who doesn’t seem to be well known even on the indy scene but picked a good time to have his best match ever. The people who were there are calling it match of the year level.

photo by Black Terry Jr.

No results of the Furor show. There are some video clips.

Video of Mr. Niebla yelling at Dr. Wagner at Arena Naucalpan. Odd to have Mr. Niebla, in his current role of dancing and spitting goofball, be the one confronting Wagner.

Satanico randomly attacked (referee) Brazo de Oro in a way which suggests they’ll have a match soon. Maybe (also) the next Furor show?

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob has a clip of Aerostar’s crazy dive/fall.

Rodrick Strong and Joey Ryan are coming to DTU on 11/30 and 12/03.

CMLL has their usual promo for Friday’s show. Sagrado’s only into hyping tecnicos!

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  1. Aeroboy does a lot of hardcore matches, which I’m not into at all but people who like those matches seem to like him.

  2. Aero Boy is a good wrestler, and when he is not Wrestling in lucha extrema he is a good highflyer aswell, not my first choice of all Chilangaguys who are going to CZW but i think he will do good, and a new face in US deathmatch Wrestling is always welcome !

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