CMLL Luchadors matches broken down by day of the week

I’ve broken down each luchador’s appearances by shows for this year. I’m counting events appeared on, not matches. (Luchadors are counted once per show, no matter how many matches they’re in.) I’ve only included at least people who’ve appeared on 10 shows. This includes the announced cards for the next week. Table is sorted by total appearances.


Green means more than half of their matches are on that day. Red means less than 10%. The averages are 32.4% of appearances on Sunday, 33.2% on Tuesday and 34.4% on Fridays (I wish there was a way to create a lot of pie graphs quickly.)

The five guys who haven’t appeared on Friday night shows: Genesis, Ramstein, Nosferatu, Zayco, Metatron. That’s who we would expect to see – fringe guys who are still booked a little.

Tuesday is the worst night to be on – bad payoffs to guys CMLL still uses but doesn’t have many plans (or they’d be on a better day.) It’s the night you want to be on the least, and you can tell by the names who get stuck on those shows at the highest rate of their matches: Génesis, Morphosis, Ramstein, Cholo, Zayco, Último Dragoncito, Olímpico, Pequeño Halcón, (poor) Sagrado, Fantasy, Robin, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito, Akuma, Zeuxis, Apocalipsis, Metatrón. Lots of minis, lots of opener people, and fringe Invasors. Meanwhile, Rush and Mistico have appeared rarely.

The person who has the highest percentage of matches on Friday nights is La Silueta. She’s had 17 matches, 12 on Friday, 2 on Sunday and 3 on Tuesday. Maybe she’s not around much because she’s busy on non-Fridays? Seductora is right behind her at 67% by virtue of having 1 more match, on a Sunday. The rest are more traditional top guys.

Magnus has had 3/4ths of his matches this year on Sundays. Camorra, Stigma, Signo and Metalico are high on that list due to their day of the week feuds.

Guerrero Maya has made the most appearances on Sunday (24), Delta has been on the most Tuesdays (24), and Rush (35) is the Friday night star.