09/28-29 lucha times


HEY. Remember when I did these.

Before going on to this week, let’s recap what’s going with lucha TV in general

CMLL: Televisa show is dead and not expected to return. Fox Sports is the Friday night taping, 52MX Guerreros del Ring is the sole Sunday night taping, and C3 remains the only Tuesday show. Terra will broadcast Friday and Sunday complete shows; they say they’ll have the complete Friday show (but also seem unaware they did not have the complete Friday show last week.) Monday Puebla shows will continue to air on TVC Deportes, who are planning on picking up CMLL Guadalajara as well. (Both Guadalajara shows are still being taped right now, even though there’s no outlet.) En Busca de un Idolo continues to air on Fox Sports 2, though they appear to be pass the halfway point there. Ras de Lona is supposed to return, now on TVC Deportes, but it hasn’t turned up yet. (It’s a CMLL production, so it’ll be there when they produce it.)

AAA: Televisa show seems to be doing fine here. The two hour show will continue to air Thursday nights on UTDN with repeats on the weekend, and also air on some local Televisa regional affiliates. Fusion is dead due to AAA not supplying footage for it, so anything that doesn’t make UTDN won’t air anywhere. We’re under the impression the El Rey show will be separate tapings and AAA currently has plans for them, but the public hasn’t yet seen the plans in action.

IWRG: Continues with the AYM/LAS deal. Could get the TVC Deportes deal back if they agreed to the old terms but does not seem interested. Discussing producing a second TV program with a mystery TV network.

Other: DTU has returned to TVC Deportes, usually late Thursday nights. IWL is also on TVC Deportes, Monday afternoons, but it doesn’t appear to be airing weekly. Even more lucha libre will be turning up on the network as part of a renaming/relaunching of the shows which were airing as “Tercera Caida Presents” earlier this year. All TVC Deportes lucha libre is subject to being moved/pre-empted by live programming.

Noches de Coliseo will continue to air random Arena Coliseo Monterrey matches, though the late Sunday night/Monday morning time slot is the only reliable one in the US. Rayo de Plata promotions will continue to air on Canal9 and Mexicanal. There are probably more regional promotions with local TV and it’ll continue to bug me that I haven’t found them all.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Judging from comments on Twitter, Toluca’s been turned into a one taping week (which means two matches burned entirely.) Onto Plan Sexenal, which also could be two weeks or a lot of burn matches. If it’s 2, they could work all the Drago/Psicosis back and forth over three matches on to one week of TV.

== CMLL ==

FOX: Averno, Ultimo Guerrero, Volador vs Blue Panther, Atlantis, Sombra.

52MX: Marco/Shocker/Thunder vs Guerreros, maybe the Namajague/Cometa lightning match.

C3: Tag Team tournament Block A, Euforia/Mephisto/Niebla vs Oro/Shocker/Thunder

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Mistico vs Volador

En Busca de un Idolo: Last week’s episode airs at 7am tomorrow, according to the listings. This week’s should be on the last week of the first round, if I’ve counted them out right: Fuego/Misterioso and Stuka/Sangre

Terra: Sombra/Marco/Rush vs Niebla/Negro/Rush on Friday, Atlantis/Mascara/Mistico vs Revolucionarios on Sunday

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: AYM starts the show at 11pm. Should be the captains apuesta match, but could be something else.

Noches de Coliseo: No taping this past weekend as far as I could tell. The 09/22 show I forgot? Maybe the 09/15 show they didn’t show? Maybe more WWL repeats?

IWL: They never showed the cage match from 08/03, but it’s a Porro losing so IWL fans don’t want that. Maybe Aficion? Maybe this is another skip week?

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  1. No more Fusion.

    More proof that AAA is capable of providing content beyond their weekly Televisa show. They will never do more and probably should not try to.

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