Como Estaz 5: QUIERO

The plan for Day 5 was three shows in one day, but circumstances only worked out for one. Instead, we also got to have an early meal with friends and saw a treasure trove of old lucha magazines and matches. Wish you were here, but hopefully getting to hear a little about it allows you to see a bit of what we did.

Right click to download. It’s about 68 minutes long. Please send in questions and let us what you think about the shows – here, on Twitter and Facebook.

Important warning: no chance of Lucha Tuesday videos tomorrow. Videos will go up, but it’ll be Thursday/Friday or I’ll just hold it over for a double issue next week.

2 thoughts to “Como Estaz 5: QUIERO”

  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day :) Thank you for sharing all these wonderful times you are having. Much appreciated and enjoyed.

  2. Sounds great yes! Thanks for sharing this, very interesting and nice podcasts. Two questions. When and where does CMLL’s Sunday Puebla & Super Viernes air?
    Also, any chance of some “bonus” videos at friday or next tuesday if you know what i mean? :)

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