Como Estaz 3: (no) FRAUDE

Day 3 included a trip to the new 80 Years Of Lucha Libre photo exhibit sandwiched around a couple of trips around Arena Mexico. We didn’t get to meet any luchadors this day, but we ran into even more nice people from the internet. We talk a lot about the 80th Anniversary show, “FRAUDE!”, and the rest of the show.

Right click to download. It’s about 58 minutes. Please send in questions and let us what you think about the shows – here, on Twitter and Facebook.

A few other things/thanks

  • Our schedule, which has involved near non stop lucha so far, gets busier thru Monday. Podcast updates may be the only posts up for a while.
  • I’m sorry the Facebook page isn’t any good. It will get better when I have time. Suggestions always welcome.
  • I went over 4000 Twitter followers this week and the #CMLL80 supposedly trended in the US. (Volador Jr. did so in Mexico.) I do not believe any of this, but it was great find out so many people watch and enjoyed the show. If I helped you find it or you got there on your own, I’m glad you had a good time.

7 thoughts to “Como Estaz 3: (no) FRAUDE”

  1. #CMLL80 did indeed trend briefly in the US, though that was because of a spam bot that was doing a “retweet for free followers!” thing under the hashtag.

  2. Am I mistaken in remembering that his dad was needed money for a medical procedure? They had like a benefit and everything? Perhaps that is why junior took what is about the biggest payday he could ever get?

    And now we can make way for Super Parka, Jr.

  3. Been listening to your podcasts. Thanks to you and Rob for all the info. and for offering your perspective on all the things you are experiencing in Mexico.

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