Gym Tony Rivera steals a win from FILL, lots of Anniversary preview links, DTU TV

IWRG (THU) 09/12/2013 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Sky Ángel b Fulgore II
Fulgor I was originally listed, but it was Fulgor II who relpaecd him.
2) Acero & Alan Extreme b Aliado de Dios & Freyser
Rudos took 1/3. Aldiado de Dios stole a pin in fall 1 from Fresero who was good natured about it. Rudos ran the tecnicos into each other in fall 2. Aliado de Dios tripped up Fresero in fall 3, but got double pinned. Fresero fought for a moment, then gave up to give the rudos the win. Freyser and Aliado fought a little after the match, and Fresero declared he was forming his own group. Fresero was the wronged one, but he appeared to be on the rudo side after the match.
3) Canis Lupus, Imposible, Rayan b Astro Rey Jr., Centvrión, Golden Magic
Centvrion and Golden Magic appear to be back as tecnicos, or maybe they only don’t like Dinamic Black. Rudos took 1/3. Match was built around Imposible and Astro Rey Jr. feuding, with Imposible winning clean with the Imposible Driver. Imposible challenged Astro Rey for his title (which was not present) and the two fought each other more after the match. Imposible ended up wearing Astro Rey’s mask and his partners nearly attacked him before they figured it out.
4) Ciclon Black, Guerrero Mixtico, Tony Rivera b Black Terry, Dragón Celestial, Fulgor I
Neza (Gym Tony Rivera) vs Naucalpan (FILL). Fulgore I instead of II in this match. Team Neza won 1/3 in a highly entertaining match, the last by Ciclon Black foul & mask pull on Dragon Celestial (who started the match equally painfully crashing and burning on a tope.) Black and Celestial destroyed each other’s mask during the match and strongly teased a mask versus mask after their match. Terry/Tony and Terry/Guerrero were also teased.
5) Trauma I, Trauma II, Veneno b Fuerza Guerrera, Hijo de Máscara Año 2000, Oficial 911
Rudos took 1/3, cleanly winning the main event.

Today’s the day.  The four guys in the mask match were back on Televisa, being interviewed about the Anniversary show. CMLL Gaceta has quick previews for Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis as well as a preview of the whole card. La Aficon has interviews with all four guys. At SuperLuchas Alex Ruiz Glez makes his Anniversary picks and posts a CNN Mexico interview of Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis. If you read thru the lines, either everyone thinks Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero is happening tonight, or is still the much bigger deal.

Averno says the unthinkable: he actually respects Blue Panther! Averno prides himself on facing the greatest and tonight will be no exception. Averno says the submission rules aren’t just about who’s the better at holds – these rules mean there must be a clean finish with no excuses. The articles notes this is a match which might headline any other show, but Averno is perfectly content wrestling anywhere on the card as long as he wins.

DTU TV will return on TVC Deportes next Thursday. It’ll be ongoing one hour broadcasts, though the time and day may change by the week. They will be putting the shows up on the internet as well. I haven’t gotten to watch much of this week’s Tercera Caida, but Tuesday’s Arena Aficion show appears to have been a taping – maybe that’ll be the first show.

LuchaWorld has LuchaWorld Podcast Episode #23, talking the recent LA lucha shows they visited.

Cuervo did end up losing in the first round of the AJPW tournament. He’ll surely be in tag matches for the rest of the tour.

This article is headlined “Abismo Negro talks about his title shot“, which is weird until you realize they mean Mini Abismo Negro. Abismo notes the many minis title he’s held (which are no longer active), likes Dinastia’s attitude but figures his frog splash can beat any high flying move Dinastia can do if it comes to that.

Luchadora Crazy Star says she’s headed to Central America soon.

An article about the father of  lucha libre – Costa Rica lucha libre!

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  1. Hey i’m pretty new to lucha, how can I stay spoiler free and watch the anniversary show? Please and thanks in advance

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    Hope you all are going over plenty early. The show will be great, but wandering around outside Arena Mexico before shows was always one of my favorite things to do.

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