Como Estaz 2: Naucalpan

Day 2 was built around our first trip to Arena Naucalpan and the only full IWRG show of the trip. We had a great time there and enjoyed the experience before and after. Rob and I talk about the show and the rest.

Right click to download. It’s about 62 minutes. Please send in questions and let us what you think about the shows – here, on Twitter and Facebook.

2 thoughts to “Como Estaz 2: Naucalpan”

  1. LOVE these podcasts! Really learning a lot about Mexico as well :) These are awesome and I hope you keep doing them.

  2. Enjoyed this! Take as many pictures as possible.

    I tried to find the AYM feed last night but was very lost.

    I think you’re greatest memorabilia find is the Fresero 100 peso bill.

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