Como Estaz: Episode 0

As alluded to elsewhere, I’m trying out podcasting for the week. I hadn’t set the difficulty level high enough already, obviously. In this test podcast, I ramble on about the plans for the site for the week.

Right click to download. It’s about 7 minutes of your life you will never get back.

See you in Mexico.

5 thoughts to “Como Estaz: Episode 0”

  1. Nice! I even figured out how to subscribe with iTunes.

    Hope you all have a great time. Wish I was still there to meet up with you all and go to the shows.

  2. Cubs, assuming you have the time, I would like to see you do regular podcasts. You used to do them a few years ago with a fellow who’s name I sadly cannot remember. I really enjoyed it because you had news, fan questions and some pretty awesome interviews. Including one with Mark Jindrak that made me even a bigger fan of his than I already was. I can’t afford to subscribe to the wrestling sites you do appearances for and this site is where I’ve been keeping up with Lucha since… God knows when. So, anytime you could do them here I would be very grateful. Thanks much :)

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