AAA on UTDN: 2013-08-04


taped 2013-07-19 @ Arena Xalapa

Hola Eita

Halloween & Mary Apache vs Drago & Faby Apache for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship: Weird – Faby & Mary had a bad night! Their parts were not up to their usual standards for whatever reason. Almost more amazing than disappointing because that’s so rare from them. Match was still okay, but it looked on paper like it might have a chance to be better than that. The match randomly switching back and forth on control – just a collection of spots, not much more – didn’t help. Halloween was fine in his farewell, better than his promo prior.


Ozz Driver

Cuervo, Espíritu, Ozz vs Daga, Eita, Psicosis: Fine match. It never really got going at a high pace, and it felt like Daga was only marginally involved before he got dropped on his head at the end. They got the finish and result over strongly. Eita fit in fine, but didn’t stand out as much as I thought he would. It was really more a match for the other guys. Maybe someday Psicosis will get a mask he doesn’t hate.

Fenix crazy headscissors

Angélico, Fénix, Jack Evans vs Chessman, Pentagón Jr., Steve Pain: Another really good match with this crew. It didn’t seem like there was as much craziness as some of the other ones, and this one felt shorter, but this still was very solid. Fenix looked spectacular in what looks like his last match here for a while. It would be nice if these matches were lading somewhere, but they’re fine just existing.


Double stomp hurracanrana

Cibernético, El Mesías, La Parka vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Parka Negra, Texano: straight forward AAA main event – rudos attack and beat up for everyone for a while, técnicos make their comeback, técnicos get individual showcases, dives occur, and a finish. Not a true AAA main event because there was actually a clean finish! Cibernético starts getting wins back from TripleMania. Match didn’t really grab me but the crowd enjoyed it and it was fine for the spot show match it was.

like so many things about this.



Parka Negra dancing


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