AAA on UTDN: 2013-06-13


taped 2013-05-30 @ Gimnasio Agustín Millán

Jen outsmarts Taya

Faby Apache & Jennifer Blake vs Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie:Fine enough match. They’ve had better. TripleMania build up means AAA’s standard “good people win, bad people beat them up immediately so it doesn’t matter” finish makes it all the way to the women’s matches.


Aerostar remains crazy

Aerostar, Atomic Boy, Axel vs Daga, El Apache, Psicosis:That should be the end of Axel. He did not come in good shape, he did not fight well, he got beat clean by the ruod he was challenging, there’s nothing much for him. It’s not the end, but little should be expected from him, he’s on the level of the rest of the guys here. Match was shaky early, and the beatdown went long without anything going on, but there was good stuff in the last third. They probably have a better match in them.


up and down for Jack

Drago & Fénix vs Angélico & Jack Evans:Really strong match, borderline great. Even though it was técnico/técnico, they did just enough to set up subtle rudo/tecnico dynamic and played off it the rest of the match. Everyone, all four combinations, worked well together. We expect a lot from Fenix, Jack and Drago, but Angelico kept up and belonged with this crew. Some iffyness near the beginning, but about 10 minutes of exciting back and forth action past that. It could’ve used a little less straight raiding of near falls, and it could’ve used some more convincing near falls – these guys have a lot of spots that people are used to seeing two counts out of, and not a lot that people believe will get three – but it was still fun. I’m watching these matches out of order now, and it’s illuminating to see how much stuff both teams used at TripleMania showed up in this match. This was a much better match and I hope they find an excuse to do it again.


tope con giro & 630 senton

Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs Silver King & Texano Jr.:You would’ve thought Electroshock and Silver King was the big title match for large portions of the match. They dominating a match that seems like it should’ve been about Metal and Texano. And then, for the finish, it’s not Metal winning the match to prove he deserves a shot, but Metal’s little friend cheating to give Heavy the win. Toluca crowd was way into it, but the Toluca crowd is way into everything. This match was alright, but this feud needed a lot more help than it got.

Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías vs Canek, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Villano IV:Match did not much for me, but the crowd definitely felt differently and was strongly into the match. It had a less than dramatic end, the finish just coming out of nowhere without a build. They did get over Mesías/Perro stronger than the last match did with the title feud, but it was not a compelling brawl to me.