top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. CMLL’s show on Galavision (US) appears to have been canceled. It’s on hiatus with no known return date at the least. Some form of lucha libre has aired on the channel since it’s earliest days, though there has been other absences from the network.
  2. Hijo del Santo, previously saying Wagner vs Park would still happen in September, did a big injury angle with LA Park in Monterrey this past Sunday. Park gave Santo a martinete, and Santo’s wife says he underwent surgery, which appears to be a setup to change the match to Santo vs LA Park. It’s still unclear if it’ll actually come to happen.
  3. AAA announced three TV tapings – in Ecatepec, Tehuacan and Xalapa – taking place the next three weeks. All seem to be in the running in place variety, with some significant names missing (Wagner, Demon Jr.) or not appearing much. It does leave a lot of room for the undercard guys to have good matches.
  4. AAA also announced a Fusion taping on a Monday for a Saturday, and then had canceled it by Friday. Since early April, AAA’s only ran one Fusion specific taping. In related news, the brand split – originally to take place after TripleMania – seems to be either pushed back or forgotten altogether.
  5. – Sombra kept the IWGP IC championship over Volador by DQ, when Volador was caught cheating. Sombra heads to Japan to defend the title against former champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Terrible also heads to Japan, defending the CMLL tag team titles with Tama Tonga versus Hiroshi Tanahashi & Jushin Lyger.
  6. Rayo de Jalisco took Universo 2000’s hair in the main event of the most recent TxT show. Blue Demon & Hijo del Santo defeated Zumbi & Heddi Karoui to keep the PWR Tag Team titles. Attendance was not good, maybe 30-40%
  • all money was refunded from AAA’s iPPV disaster. AAA, as pre-planned by their TV taping schedule, aired much of the event on their normal TV show over the last two weeks.
  • all the CMLL guys who were making hair match challenges continue to make hair match challenges (with Rey Bucanero replacing Terrible.) CMLL aired a teaser for the Infierno en el Ring cage match. CMLL is expected to officially announce tomorrow that the cage match will take place July 12.
  • Cibernetico, in his first major Mexico City area match since losing his hair, decided to wear his old mask for the match. He told people he was just going to wear it to the ring, and just never took it off. He was questioned about it post match, and pointed out Silver King and Psicosis get away with the same thing.
  • Valiente remains in the lead for the second round of En Busca de un Idolo, with Vangelis (2-0 in matches, horrible in fan voting), and Stuka (0-2 in matches, great in fan voting) each having a chance to advance to the final.
  • Dr. Cerbero took X-Fly’s hair.
  • Title changes: Dinamic Black won the IWRG Rey del Ring championship.
  • Title defenses: Estetas del Aire kept the CMLL Trios titles over Hijos del Averno in the main event of Arena Puebla’s 60th Anniverasry show, while Marcela kept the CMLL Women’s title over Ray in Japan’s REINA promotion. Fenix kept the Fusion title over Pentagon Jr., Aerostar and Daga.
  • TxT announced Hijo del Santo’s WBC title is now a wrestling title and they’d add a have heavyweight title. Santo proposed a ridicolous tournament. This title probably exists for Tempestad/Nieto del Santo to win some day long down the road.
  • Demus had knee surgery and will be out four months.
  • Villano V, who lost so much money on his self-promoted retirement show that “he was forced to come out of retirement to make the money back”, announced he’s going to promote more wrestling shows.
  • Demonio Rojo unmasked Azteca de Oro in Guadalajara
  • Guadalajara’s Barbaro Cavernario & Black Metal worked a few CMLL DF shows, seemingly as a tryout. Rudo Barbaro did a lot better than tecnico Metal.

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  1. Barbaro is so much better than Herodes Jr. and should team with Terrible to win next years Gran Alternativa!

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