06/22-23 lucha times – CMLL no longer airing on Galavision US?


The big news is CMLL is off Galavision US. Not on this week’s listing. Not on next week’s listings, though Galavision’s listings often change about five days out. The network has shown no particular interest in presenting lucha libre for years, giving the show minimal to no promotion and moving it around with little warning, and this was not an unexpected outcome after they moved the only airing at 2AM. Galavision retains the rights to the CMLL show in the US even if they don’t air it, as they do AAA, which means we’re all out of luck until/unless they change their minds. I would normally suggest complaining about this on social media, but Galavision seems to have abandoned their Facebook and don’t appear to interact with people on Twitter. They do have an email address to contact: galavisionnetwork@correo.univision.com, so maybe that’s the place to start.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: TripleMania recap. This was planned to be a recap due to the TV taping schedule; as much as they worked to put TripleMania on YouTube quickly, a fair chunk of it was going to end up there eventually.

AAA-Fusion: Same deal.

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: Probably the hair match trios, Dragon Rojo vs Rey Cometa & Bushi’s debut.

FOX: Metalico/Signo trios, Atlantis/Sombra/Titan vs Pierroth/UG/Volador

52MX: finals of the trios tournament and probably the women’s cibernetico (and not the semimain unless things are edited harshly.)

C3: Averno vs Mascara Dorada

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero, which might be the last singles matches they have in a main CMLL ring before their mask match.

Terra: Mascara/Rush/Titan vs Aguila/Psicosis/Volador. There are some good possibilities on this show, but it’s a sedate one compared to the last couple of weeks.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: Back to Sunday tapings, with X-Fly vs Dr. Cerbero in the main event.

Noches de Coliseo: Maybe last week’s show with the Huracan Ramirezs? Maybe a rerun.

2 thoughts to “06/22-23 lucha times – CMLL no longer airing on Galavision US?”

  1. The programming department for Galavision is the same as De Pelicula, Bandamax and other Televisa/Univision ventures in the US.

    My point is, they have given up on Lucha Libre as viable programming for Galavision, so why not use it as niche programming for a channel like De Pelicula or Bandamax? It’s a similar strategy that is used by nets like HBO and AMC.

    De Pelicula already airs Lucha movies on a regular basis, so CMLL and/or AAA would complement the existing De Pelicula grid.

    Sure, far fewer people would see the shows, but I don’t think the pressure to perform would be as great on a paid/tier channel.

  2. @LLL: I totally agree.

    I see the Univison chart of 12 different networks every time I check Galavision’s TV listings. They total up to 2016 hours a week. There has to be 2 hours in there for these shows.

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