Dinamic Black triple champion, Panther/Escorpion, AAA TV, LA Park on Twitter, Santo vs Japan

IWRG (THU) 06/20/2013 Arena Naucalpan [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), IWRG]
1) Fulgor b Sky Ángel
2) Imposible & Picudo Jr. b Ángel Del Amor & Saruman
Imposible keeps his momentum from winning Copa High Power
3) Centvrión, Golden Magic, Veneno DQ Canis Lupus, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
Veneno faked a foul from Canis Lupus for the DQ.
4) Chico Che, Trauma I, Trauma II b Decnnis, el Ángel, Scorpio Jr.
2/3 for the tecnicos. Trauma I beat Decnnis in the third.
5) Dinamic Black DQ Oficial 911 [IWRG Rey del Ring]
Champion Oficial 911 submitted challenger Dinamic Black in the first. Dinamic Black tied it up with a Code Red. Fierro & Golden Magic (seconds) interfered in the third, referee dealt with them, and 911 smacked Dinamic Black with a chair. 911 got the pin, but the commissioner overturned the finish, ruling a DQ. Titles change hand on DQ, so Dinamic Black won the title. IWRG’s recap says it would’ve been one of the best of the year if not for the finish. Oficial 911 falls in first defense. Dinamic Black is now a triple champion, already holding the IWRG and WWS Welterweight championships.

I can exclusively (?) report Dinamic Black and Los Traumas beat the Oficials this past Sunday via DQ. Rudos fouled Dinamic Black in the build up for this. Maybe they should try beating him next time, fouling seems not to have worked.  (Match aired on AYM but not LAS because that network is so weird.)

Looks like BT Jr. may have recorded Thursday’s title match; he’d promising a highlight video to come. That also means no TV.

The top match on CMLL’s show tonight pushes the Volador vs Sombra issue, but the top couple matches are filled with guys who might be in a cage hair match. No one, not the luchadors or CMLL, have said the world “jaula” yet. It’s about time if they’re going to be doing it before the anniversary show. Speaking of people involved, Blue Panther is dismissive of Rey Escorpion – “that boy thinks he knows everything, but I’ve been in lucha libre for 35 years and I’m still learning.” If Escorpion thinks he’s building his career on beating Blue Panther, Panther dares him to try it. Panther has faced many better and will not lose sleep over Rey Escorpion.

Every single teased Panther singles match sounds so much more exciting than the cage match. They can still do the singles match as building it up.

Today’s CMLL show picks up the En Busca de un Idolo tournament in the second round. Stuka and Valiente meet in what may be a preview of the final, while Fuego faces Vangelis where the winner will have the best chance of disrupting the favorites. Terra has been starting the feed early, so there’s a good chance to see the women’s and men’s trios taking place prior.

If you missed it last night, I noticed CMLL has disappeared from Galavision’s schedule and may have been dropped by the network. Again, lucha libre has disappeared from Galavision from short periods before and returned, so there’s some hope here. It just doesn’t look like very promising.

CMLL still has TV in the US on 52MX, but that’s a station restricted to (expensive) Spanish language channel packages and has no more reach than the IWRG show or Noches de Coliseo. Maybe less so than Noches, since it’s available over the air near Monterrey. It’s weird I (and anyone with an internet connection) can see the complete B-tapings shows on Sunday, but CMLL’s main show is not shared in anyway. It’d be great if CMLL would follow AAA’s lead* and post at least their main show on YouTube.

* – hahahaha.

I didn’t put this together until Rob did, but the WWL show in Monterrey is July 7th, the same day AAA’s announced for a taping in Ecatepec. Lots of top AAA wrestlers – Mesias, La Parka, Wagner, Demon among others – are scheduled for that show, which means they can’t be on the AAA show. There’s plenty of people left to tape a Fusion-level taping and Ecatepec is the sort of location Fusion tapes in, so maybe that’s the deal. That would also mean there’s probably two weeks of TripleMania airing to stretch everything out.

One more AAA TV taping: 07/19 in Arena Xalapa, at least according to Arena Xalapa’s Facebook. I’d guess that would be an Evolucion taping, since it’s a smaller building than AAA usually runs for it’s main tapings and it’s too far from Mexico City to be Fusion. Wait and see, I guess.

Speaking of AAA and TV: the iPPV itself was a disaster, I’ve covered that part pretty well. However, if the greater point of the iPPV was to expose new audiences to AAA, they may have succeed after all. This is not the first time AAA’s posted a major show or even TripleMania itself onto YouTube, but the attention AAA got after their iPPV failure and make good of sharing the whole show for free seems to be causing far more people to check out the show than people have in past years. People might have not thought about the show after it if not for the iPPV issues, but it was really putting the show out there as quickly as possible that gained them advantage out of the bad situation. AAA turned some lemons into lemonade. They still have work to do to convince people to buy their shows, especially since the people just checking it out now were not previously interested in paying for the show.

By the way, you should have your uStream refund by now if you ordered the show. I know people were seeing it turn up on their credit card accounts on Thursday.

La Parka, talking about this TripleMania match, crowed about how the legends of lucha libre were no match for Team AAA. He says the rivalry between the two sides hasn’t ended, and he’d like a singles match with V4. The interview also includes a explanation of why Dorian was with the legends at TripleMania, saying Dorain had brought in the Legends but didn’t trust them to get the job done themselves. That’s not the way I remember it happening – Canek and Villano IV showed up during the period where Dorian and Konnan were fired from the company, and Konnan was the one weirdly taking credit for the indy guys at the press conference – but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

LA Park is on twitter at @laparktapia. There’s another LA Park Twitter account that turned up earlier this week, but LA Park said @laparktapia was his real one on his Facebook account. He’s posting what you’d expect of LA Park. (Santo’s already blocked him.) I try to keep track of (probably) real luchador Twitter accounts with a list on Twitter, though I’m sure I’m missing plenty. And the list itself turns into 100 Hijo del Santo tweets because he refuses to reply correctly.

WBC President Jose Sulaiman wants El Hijo del Santo to defend their lucha libre championship against a Japanese man at a date to be decided, possibly in September. Sulaiman had no name in mind – he was going to leave “the Japan Association of Lucha Libre” to decide. I have no idea what this is, or why it’s a Japanese man (except they already kind of know who it’ll be – someone from NOAH would make sense.) El Hijo del Santo did not sound thrilled with the idea of the WBC deciding who challenges for (his) WBC title next and wants to be involved in the decision. This was a shared press conference, so I’d guess the disagreement is just for public consumption. They agreed that the title is now a welterweight championship instead of an open weight one.

Fenix says he’s defending the Fusion title on Sunday in Arena Ichiban versus Drago, Pentagon and Aerostar. That sounds like an outstanding match.

NOAH announced the blocks for it’s Junior Tag Team Tournament. The Mexitosos and Pesadilla & Dual Force teams (and the South American team) are all in the same block to set up matches again each other. I finally saw a picture of Dual Force yesterday and I’m certain it’s a not Tempestad/Nieto del Santo, and probably not Mexico unless Oriental has a son who’s wrestling and we don’t know about it.

Nakamura wants to get a rematch with Sombra in July. He’s willing to to come back to Mexico to get it, though NJPW also has an iPPV on 07/20.

CMLL updated the Tuesday Guadalajara results page with a few photos of Mercurio & Bam Bam’s hair match.

Volador Jr. mentions on his Facebook that Mima Shimoda is heading back to Japan.

Rob has highlights of 11/16/12 CMLL.

photo by Black Terry Jr.


DTU (THU) 07/04/2013 Arena Aficion
1) Yuta vs Kalibus, Mantra, Kaleth, Jhonky, Slayer Pack, Osiris, Factor Miedo, Kyubyu
2) Ángel del Misterio, Jorge Kebrada, Keira vs La Magnifica, Lanzeloth, Rocky Lobo
3) Araña de Plata Jr., Eterno, Pequeno Cobra vs Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano, Niño Hamburguesa
4) Super Mega vs Black Fire, Paranoiko, Principe Escorpion, Crazy King [chairs]
5) Orion vs Septimo Dragon, Hormiga, Steve Pain, Artikus, Miedo Extremo
6) Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Cíclope & Drastik Boy [100 light tubes]
7) Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs Aeroboy & Violento Jack and Flamita & Hacker and Jinzo & Príncipe Halcón

Not as many local wrestlers being used as before, though it’s already a packed card. Main event is a bit more conventional, or at least DTU conventional. Current champion Ciclope is very pleased about the return of extreme matches He teams with his brother here, who unmasked him in this arena back in December.

06/22-23 lucha times – CMLL no longer airing on Galavision US?


The big news is CMLL is off Galavision US. Not on this week’s listing. Not on next week’s listings, though Galavision’s listings often change about five days out. The network has shown no particular interest in presenting lucha libre for years, giving the show minimal to no promotion and moving it around with little warning, and this was not an unexpected outcome after they moved the only airing at 2AM. Galavision retains the rights to the CMLL show in the US even if they don’t air it, as they do AAA, which means we’re all out of luck until/unless they change their minds. I would normally suggest complaining about this on social media, but Galavision seems to have abandoned their Facebook and don’t appear to interact with people on Twitter. They do have an email address to contact: galavisionnetwork@correo.univision.com, so maybe that’s the place to start.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: TripleMania recap. This was planned to be a recap due to the TV taping schedule; as much as they worked to put TripleMania on YouTube quickly, a fair chunk of it was going to end up there eventually.

AAA-Fusion: Same deal.

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: Probably the hair match trios, Dragon Rojo vs Rey Cometa & Bushi’s debut.

FOX: Metalico/Signo trios, Atlantis/Sombra/Titan vs Pierroth/UG/Volador

52MX: finals of the trios tournament and probably the women’s cibernetico (and not the semimain unless things are edited harshly.)

C3: Averno vs Mascara Dorada

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero, which might be the last singles matches they have in a main CMLL ring before their mask match.

Terra: Mascara/Rush/Titan vs Aguila/Psicosis/Volador. There are some good possibilities on this show, but it’s a sedate one compared to the last couple of weeks.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: Back to Sunday tapings, with X-Fly vs Dr. Cerbero in the main event.

Noches de Coliseo: Maybe last week’s show with the Huracan Ramirezs? Maybe a rerun.