what we know about the TripleMania iPPV failure

Not a lot yet. The issue is supposedly going to be addressed as the press conference happening after the show (right as you read this.) It’s unclear why nothing could be explained during the show.

The uStream was listed as offline for most of the first hour it was supposed to be on, then “Live” without every actually showing a picture. AAA twice mentioned there were problems and they were working on them, then mentioned there’d be that press conference to explain it. It wasn’t immediately obvious they meant a press conference after the show.


None of this was mentioned on the uStream themselves page itself. Instead, this message was put up, blaming uStream from the problem. No explanation of what would happen next was listed on the uStream page and AAA stopped updating the situation on their Twitter after the message was posted.

Roberto Figuera, who was at TripleMania and has a business relationship with AAA, posted this message on Twitter

That says the show will reair on Wednesday at 8 pm. AAA themselves have said nothing about this.

AAA handled this horribly. Not having the stream up is disastrous. AAA also has talked a lot about how important social media is for them, and they completely fell down there. AAA did not acknowledge there was a problem until 15-20 minutes after the show started, they did not keep people updated, they did offer a remedy, and they made people wait for information from other sources to find out what went on.

Plenty of other wrestling companies have used uStream without having this happen. Plenty of other people were able to use the internet in Arena Ciudad de Mexico. Only AAA had this problem, and their shifting of the blame seems duplicitous at best. It’s also beside the point – the only thing people watching that window wanted to see was TripleMania or some info about when they might see TripleMania. AAA gave an excuse instead, and not even hint about when they might get to see what they paid for.

iPPV revenue is tiny portion of the revenue for this show. If they had 200 buys for a show with no promotion outside of Mexico, and no promotion on their TV as an iPPV, that would’ve been a grand success. AAA still sold conventional PPVs (which dropped off during opener but was fine for the rest of the show) and still appear to have sold most of the tickets in the building.  Still, iPPV buyers were either the strongest fans AAA has or casual fans from other places AAA hopes to be running soon, and AAA has left those fans feeling robbed. Those aren’t the fans who are going to support you going forward.

If AAA ever does another iPPV, I would advise not buying it. Go to a show if you can, but don’t trust that AAA can handle something like this.

Honestly, I’m about as furious about how they handled the feed not working as about the feed itself. It’s unacceptable for a fly by night indy promotion, much less a promotion that claims to be major league.

I’ll update this if/when any more information is posted.


Dorian Roldan’s addressed the situation on Twitter




Dorian apologizes for the problem. He puts the blame on uStream. He says refunds are already being processed and the show will be posted on AAA’s website tomorrow as a make good.

Assuming the refunds actually turn up in full, that’s a good first step. It doesn’t make up the time people spent trying to watch a show they couldn’t see, or missing out on the experience of watching a show live. It’s enough to stop people from hounding you about this problem for the rest of time, but it doesn’t totally make up for the experience. I’d still say not to buy an AAA iPPV in the future until they have a strong track record.

TripleMania XXI (and CMLL Dia del Padre) coverage – Estetas del Aire champions

IMPORTANT: TripleMania’s iPPV has not worked at all. There is no word when (or if) it will be up.

Welcome to live coverage of AAA and CMLL’s major shows on today.

TripleMania XXI (El Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Cibernetico) kicks off at 6:30 pm Central Time and should last about 4 hours.

CMLL’s weekly Sunday show, held this week in Arena Mexico, starts at 5:00 pm Central Time and will last about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Live coverage will begin with that show.

The most detailed discussion of the show will be in the chat, posted below. Results will also be posted on this page and sporadically on Twitter.

AAA’s TripleMania can be purchased on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aaaluchalibre for $15, as well as thru Sky PPV in Mexico. Please note: anyone asking for or sharing feeds of the event may be banned from the chat.

AAA TV (SUN) 06/g16/2013 Arena Ciudad de Mexico
***TripleMania XXI***
1) Dinastía, El Elegido, Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata b Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Silver King, Taya Valkyrie
2) Heavy Metal b Chessman [#1 Contenders, AAA HEAVY]
Metal pinned Chessman with a casita.
3) Crazy Boy & Joe Lider b Angélico & Jack Evans and Drago & Fénix and Daga & Psicosis and Mr. E & Sexy B [AAA TAG]
championships are vacant. Winners will . Mr. E & Sexy B are from WWL, and beat Angelico & Jack. Drago & Fenix beat them. Lider & Crazy beat Perros del Mal. Crazy Boy gave Drago a piledriver for the win. Mexican Powers became 11th champions. Vampiro presented them with the belts, which brought out Konnan for an argument and a teased match between them.
4) Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan, Monster Pain b Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown
Jarrett won and Marisela and Karen feuded.
5) Texano Jr. b Heavy Metal [AAA HEAVY]
Texano Jr. beat Metal, making his sixth defense.
6) Blue Demon Jr. b El Mesías [AAA LA]
Hugo Savinovich seconded Mesias. Axel seconded Demon. Clean match which the crowd didn’t like. Blue Demon Jr. won the title. LA Park made a surprise appearance, announcing he was leaving AAA (he’d already left), handing Blue Demon the title and talking up both men. They all hugged.
7) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, La Parka, Octagón b Canek, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000, Villano IV
Goyito Perez was with Octagon but never a factor. Goyito Perez did not appear on the show. Dorian Roldan was with the legends and interfering often, though it wasn’t clear they wanted his help at the end. Wagner beat Universo.
8) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo b Cibernético [hair]
tons of interference and blood. Cibernetico had Perro pinned, but the ref was down and the back up didn’t arrive in time. Perro came back to win with the double stomp. He dedicated the win to Hector Garza and his family (Garza was also honored before the match.) Cibernetico was shaved clean.

CMLL’s show can be seen for free on terra.mx. You’ll want to switch to the Bajo feed – the other feeds are lagging many minutes behind (and probably buffering for even longer.)

CMLL (SUN) 06/16/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Metatrón & Sensei b Akuma & Zayco
Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Molotov, Soberano Jr., Stigma b Apocalipsis, Espanto Jr., Inquisidor
Tecnicos took 2/3, Molotov pinning Inquisidor (though it sure looked like a double pin to me.)
3) Dalis la Caribeña b Dark AngelLluviaEstrellitaGoya KongTiffanyPrincesa SugheitLa ComandanteZeuxisLa Seductora [cibernetico]
Dark Angel replaces Silueta. Eliminations went Zeuxis (Dalis), Lluvia (Seductora), Comandante (Goya), Estrellita (Tiffany), Seductora (Dark Angel), Goya Kong (Tiffany & Princesa Sugheit), Tiffany (Dark Angel), Dark Angel (Sugheit), Sugheit (Dallys casita.)
4) La Máscara, Rush, Titán b Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Rush destroyed Mr. Aguila with dropkciks in this match, then dropped him on his head with a Rush Driver. Rush put his foot on Aguila’s face while yelling him at for an apuesta match.
5) Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente b Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero [CMLL TRIOS, final]
Tecnicos took 1/3 in a good match, with a La Mistica on Ultimo Guerrero to win it. Estetas become 25th champion.

Chat is below