AAA TripleMania iPPV Q&A

What are the important things to know?

AAA TripleMania will air on uStream on June 16th. The show starts at 6:30 pm CT and will around 4 hours. It will cost $14.95 (USD). You can order the show here, and the complete lineup is available here. The show will be broadcast in Spanish only.

Who can order this iPPV?

As far as we can tell, everyone. There will be no region restriction.

AAA has said TripleMania would also be on conventional PPV broadcast via Sky Mexico PPV for those who have access, and are expecting some sort of announcement from Sky about it today. AAA also mentioned the show being available in movie theatres, but there are no details about that.

Will the show be available on demand?

YES. AAA announced on Tuesday that the show would be available to rewatch until July 5th.

What’s the expectations for the iPPV quality?

Mixed. We expect the video and audio to be broadcast HD TV quality, with the occasional missed shot typical to Televisa. (It should be the same crew filming even if doesn’t turn up on conventional PPV.) It’s the internet part that’s a bit iffy.

Anyone who’s bought or even just watched live wrestling over the internet has dealt with transmission problems or shows just ceasing to air in mid show. iPPV is not as reliable as traditional PPV at this point. This is AAA’s first ever live broadcast of this type, which adds in another level of uncertainty.

Still, I’m enthused for the chance to watch the show live enough not to be concerned about blips. As long as there’s no show stopping problem, it will meet expectations

Anything else I should know about uStream?

Choose which computer you start watching the show on carefully, because you may not be able to switch computers one you’ve started the broadcast.

uStream iPPVs are computer; consoles, phones and other apps do not work for their iPPVs at this time.

What’s the big match?

Cibernetico versus El Hijo del Perro Aguayo, where the losing man will lose his hair. The two are leaders of their own factions (Secta Bizarros and Perros del Mal) and the two groups have been feuding since last fall. The are each very big stars in the world of lucha libre, and neither has ever lost their hair. Cibernetico lost his mask in the main event of this same show nine years ago, but went on to be a giant star in AAA. Hijo del Perro Aguayo is the son of a hall of fame luchador who became a giant star in his own right in CMLL. Both have crossed over to mainstream during their careers and the result of the match will be part of the general sports conversation.

Cibernetico’s been the good guy in the feud, but sentiment will likely be with Aguayo. He’s always had strong support in Mexico City, and greater sympathy following the recent death of his friend Hector Garza. Both are rudos at heart and will be happy to cheat their way to a win. This will be a brawl, a bloody one with weapons spots, interference and probably a big spot or two by one of their men. It’s almost certainly to end with some level of controversy, but one guy will still be able to hold the hair match win over the other for the rest of time.

I feel more comfortable with promotions built around heavyweight title matches – does AAA have one of those?

YES. The AAA Mega World Heavyweight Champion current champion is overly confident rudo Texano Jr., who has been offering open challenges at his title. Veteran tecnico Heavy Metal asked for one of those shots, but Texano declared Metal washed up and denied him the opportunity. Meanincing rudo Chessman also asked for a shot, and Texano surprisingly agreed – partially to get Heavy Metal off his back, and partially because Chessman is very good at losing heavyweight championship matches.

The Good AAA GM took the choice away from Texano and declared Heavy Metal and Chessman would fight in one match at TripleMania, with the winner going on to face Texano later the same night.

Any other matches worth getting the show for?

El Mesias and Blue Demon Jr., who were part of very good matches at AAA’s last major show, face each other for AAA’s secondary title. They’re both treated like bigger stars than everyone involved in the Heavyweight title match, so this might take place later in the night. Mesias is teasing a return to his evil roots, which may be confirmed on this show. He also generally likes to have epic long matches on TripleMania and this show should be no different.

The crazy high spot match of the night will be for the vacant AAA tag team titles. Five teams are entered: Daga & Psicosis from Perros del Mal, AAA tecnicos Drago & Fenix, Crazy Boy & Joe Lider from Mexican Powers, Jack Evans and newcomer Angelico and WWL’s Los Mamitos. Crazy & Lider, the most frequently teaming pair of the group, are the favorites.

Also, Jeff Jarrett has a match, if you are a fan of Jeff Jarrett.

A Relevos AAA match – man, woman, mini, exotico all on each team – opens the show. It includes WON Rookie of the Year Dinastia against his best possible mini opponent.

There’s also an AAA Legends vs Lucha Libre legends match, but if you’re only finding out the match exists by this post, it’s not really geared towards you.

Any big storylines expected to happen?

Doesn’t seem that way.

AAA’s announced they’ll be starting a roster split the day after TripleMania and has gone as far as announcing rosters, but it has played no role in the matches on this show. It’s possible they could do more with it here, but it doesn’t seem to be a big event.

Goyito Perez will be accompanying Octagon. They’ll surely try to create a SportsCenter highlight out of his appearance, but it definitely doesn’t seem like they’re setting up a match or anything with him.

There’s always the chance of a surprise return to get involved in the main event.

Any other big shows going on?

Of course. CMLL’s weekly Sunday show starts 90 minutes before AAA and has their typically counter programming lineup. The new high flying tecnico trio of Mistico, Valiente and Mascara Dorada take on Los Guerreros (Ultimo Guerrero, Niebla Roja and Euforia) in what might turn out to be the best match of the night anywhere. Those in attendance can also take photos with all of CMLL’s ring girls as a father’s day treat.

WWE’s monthly PPV also takes place the same night, which will probably cut down on a lot of the casual fans who’d want to watch it live.

Will this show be covered on this site?

Sure! We’ll have a chat on the site to discuss the shows, plus results posted on the website, anything important posted to @luchablog on Twitter, and maybe a review after the fact. Check back in on Sunday at 5pm for more.

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