AAA iPPV info, Monterrey, Aficion, Wagner

NICE (SUN) 06/02/2013 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [LuchaMania Monterrey]
1) Reyna Vampiro b Reyna de Corazones
2) Ángel Diabólico & Hijo del Centurion b Artillero (Monterrey) & Harry el Sucio
3) Dulce Canela, Galactar, Larry Miranda b Golden Boy, La Bandida, Rudy el Butire
4) El Héroe Desconocido & Rey Apóstol b Kaoma Jr. & Papi Chulo
One of the Gemelo Muerte handicuffed a guest referee, allowing another referee to come in to count the pin.
5) Angel Blanco Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr. b LA Park & Villano IV post match challenge (posted by Luchamania Monterrey)
Park demanded a moment of applause for Hector Garza before the match, got it, then insulted Wagner. Total brawl. Parka/V4 took the first, Wagner/Blanco took the second, Blanco and V4 were eliminated in the third, and then the usual shenanigans took place. Wagner landed the Wagner Driver but the ref was out, Park fouled Wagner but the ref was slow to count so Wagner escaped, Park argues and Wagner fouled him the three count. Usual challenges followed

Airing this weekend? Maybe?

AAA AAM (TUE) 06/04/2013 Arena Aficion [Criterio Hidalgo, Estrellas del Ring]
1) El Exótico b Friolencio
2) Black Fury, Silver King Jr., Violencia Jr. b Centvrión, Charly Madrid, Ludark Shaitan
3) Crazy Boy & Joe Lider b Murder Clown & Psycho Clown
Matches 3/4 determined by battle royal for a mini tournament.
4) Drastik Boy & Pagano b Black Terry & El Brazo and Trauma I & Trauma II
Drastik Boy & Pagano were added to the match by Silver King, then somehow hown.
5) Drastik Boy & Pagano b Crazy Boy & Joe Lider
Ciclope ran out to help his brother and give the home building team the win.
6) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, La Parka b Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Texano Jr.
Tecnicos took 2/3, brawl went into the crowd.

Best crowd here in a while.

AAA announced their iPPV plans last night: they’ll be broadcasting the show on uStream for $15 USD. Show time is listed as starting at 7:30 ET/6:3o CT, and it appears they’ll just be streaming the Sky/Televisa broadcast with that announce crew. There’s no Mexican peso price and I suspect that means it’s blacked out in Mexcio, but that’s not said here. There’s also no mention of how long it will be available or if it’ll just be live; NJPW usually leaves it up for rewatching for about 10 days.

There’s a false rumor that Rey Misterio has passed away. What actually happened is Hijo de Rey Misterio II’s father passed away, and it was announced at last Friday’s Tijuana show. Hijo de Rey Misterio II formerly wrestled as Horuz in Tijuana and isn’t actually the son of Rey Misterio. Hijo de Rey Misterio I (who seems to not be wrestling again, so just about every reference to the character is to the Horuz version) was the actual son of Rey Misterio. It was claimed he was Misterio’s nephew or cousin when Horuz was given the character, but I doubt even that much is true.  Condolences to Hijo de Rey Misterio II and his family.

Dr. Wagner Jr. told MedioTiempo that he always complies with contracts and always leaves the front door. That’s kind of the exact opposite of what occurred the last six months. Wagner also now says he’ll wait to August to decide if he’ll sign another contract with AAA or go independent, and he and Park have never agreed to a mask match but he sure would love to do it. Standard Wagner disclaimer: he’s just saying whatever sounds good at the moment and does not deal in reality. I think he’d like to resign with AAA and that’s probably what will happen.

LuchaMania points out the mystery Mexician team for the WWL show is La Parka, Cibernetico and Perro Aguayo Jr., since they’re already on the poster. Those are names you probably want to announce.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

Rob has highlights of 10/19/12 CMLL.

Lucha Libre in Japan

06/06 NJPW: Titan defeated Rocky Romero [BOSJ] – video here.
Titan’s move is listed as the Titanics, which is their name for the handwalk backflip headscissors cradle. He finishes 3-5, 8th of 9th in his block on tie breakers. He’ll have a TBA tag match on 06/09 to wrap up his trip.

Titan’s match with Ricochet has also surfaced. It sounds like the Nakamura/Sombra match will air in Japan on 07/02.

Tickets go on sale for August’s G1 tournament at the 06/09 show. Not sure if that means they’ll announce the participants. They don’t really need to yet, they’ll sell fine just on the concept. Another NJPW wrestler is supposed to be heading to CMLL very soon – like possibly appearing on next Friday’s show kind of soon – but NJPW still hasn’t announced it.



IWRG (TUE) 06/18/2013 Arena Naucalpan
1) Raksas & Skrull Metal vs Black Nico & Caballero Cid
2) Idolo, Kid Power, Sky Ángel vs Atomic Star, Charly Boy, Fulgore II
3) Blue Monsther, Dagora, Montana vs Acero (IWRG), Halcón 2000, Príncipe Azteca
4) Matrix Jr., Saruman, Seiya vs Chucho el Roto, Iron Love, Yakuza
5) Alan Extreme, Araña de Plata, Dragón Celestial, Fulgor I, Galaxie, Imposible, Picudo Jr., Power Bull vs Andy Boy, Haziel, Hellboy, Jhon Terry, Karate Kid, Orion, Star Boy, Verbo [Copa High Power]
FILL vs Gym (Tony) Rivera. Listed Copa Higher Power 28.

Trainee shows are usually fun. Most of Tony’s team are different than last time they were used for one of these. AULL invasion in the semimain.  Blue Monsther has been on many of these without every making a real IWRG show.