top six stories of the last two weeks

  • Hector Garza passed away
  1. CMLL’s young top tecnicos scored two huge title wins. La Sombra defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to pick up the IWGP Intercontinental championship in front of a very surprised and thrilled crowd on Friday. Two days later, Mascara Dorada defeated Negro Casas to win the NWA Weltwerweight Championship in another great match. Both Casas & Nakamura held heir championships for a long time with many defenses before losing them this past week.
  2. AAA held a press conference to announce the TripleMania lineup, but the big news was the “return” of Dr. Wagner Jr. The storyline was Konnan brought him back to be part of an independent team to face a team of AAA Legends, but Wagner immediately turned on Konnan and asked to rejoin. He did, and the match is now Wagner, La Parka, Octagon, Electroshock vs Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000, Villano IV and Canek. The press conference also announced Mesias vs Blue Demon Jr. would be for the vacant (LA Park) Latin American championship, and the Psycho Circus would face “TNA’s” Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan and Monster Pain. The show was announced to be on PPV, iPPV and in movie theaters, but no details about any of those are available 11 days out.
  3. Cibernetico defeated Perro Aguayo in a singles match taped for TV prior to their TripleMania hair match. It was cut down to highlights when airing on TV this week. On another TV taping in Toluca, probably the last to air before TripleMania, Canek and Wagner feuded in the main event to build to TripleMania, and possible title challenger Heavy Metal defeated champion Texano.
  4. En Busca de un Idolo continued thru the first round, though the four luchadors moving onto to the second round appear nearly set as Valiente, Vangelis, Hijo del Fantasma and Stuka. The judge’s strong dislike of Misterioso has been the highlight of the first round.
  5. Perros del Mal announced a 5th Anniversary show, announced it would be honoring Hector Garza after his death, then announced the show would be canceled to honor Hector Garza.
  6. WWL announced their show for Monterrey in July. Matches include Blue Demon vs Big Daddy V, Monster Pain vs Bobby Lashley, Mil Mascaras & Sicodelico vs Villano III & Villano IV, and Sabu vs Tommy Dreamer.
  • Masked Repubic’s Viva La Lucha Kickstarter kicked off.
  • Pequeno Violencia lost his hair to Shockercito in a cage match this past Sunday. The cage match seemed hastily put together and did not seem to mean much as a main event. CMLL appears to be putting together another cage match for on 06/14 with their regular wrestlers.
  • TxT announced their 06/22 show, with another relevos suicidas and Santo & Demon teaming together for a title defense.
  • Tinieblas Jr. partnered with the government on a outdoor show in Mexico City’s Zocalo, which got some attention for having advertised Hijo del Santo without actually getting a hold of Hijo del Santo. Things were worked out, and Santo will be part of the September follow up show.
  • Titan will finish in the bottom 3rd of his BOSJ group. Also, he may be hurt. It does sound like he had good matches at least.
  • Pesadilla, Super Crazy and Nieto del Santo are headed to Japan, while Dark Angel is headed back from Japan to Mexico with an extra championship belt.
  • Shocker is back wrestling, which means he didn’t fare all the great on the reality show he was on. As far as we’ve seen, Shocker hasn’t taken back over his team for En Busca de un Idolo and instead appeared as a replacement judge.
  • Hijo del Pirata Morgan won the IWRG Middleweight championship from Eterno, and Rey Escorpion kept the CMLL Light Heavyweight championship over local Guadalajara star Gallo.
  • CMLL announced the tournament to decide their vacant trios championship will start this Sunday, with the finals going head to head with TripleMania.
  • CMLL was had earthquake drills after and during a show. It was odd.