CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2013-05-11


taped 2013-05-05 @ Arena Coliseo

Dragon Rojo takes both finishes.

Ángel de Oro vs Felino in a lightning match: On one hand, Felino beating anyone who’s meant to be taken seriously in singles matches in 2013 doesn’t make any sense, because Felino’s stopped taking himself seriously. On the other hand, Angel de Oro did a dive, came back in just to set up another dive, and then did another dive. I’ve tried to made the point that CMLL guys who go to NJPW generally are much improved when they come back (though it can be argued that the guys who come over are usually right at a stage where they could improve a lot.) Angel de Oro has been an exception; he’s no better than he was one year ago. CMLL hasn’t helped him at all but there’s no great leap forward on his part and so kind of boring matches like this one are no surprise.


leave Rey Escorpion alone!

Diamante Azul, Máximo, Rush vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Volador Jr.: Low energy skipable match built around Máximo chasing around Volador for kisses and finally getting it. The story worked out fine, it was just a story done a hundred times and this wasn’t in the top half of them. Azul as a replacement for Marco in this trio would not be near as fun.


awesome dives all over the place

Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión vs Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente: for a match based around Rey Escorpion just taking every move Místico can think of, this was a pretty good match. Rey Escorpion is good at that! Mascara Dorada and Valiente will be really good if they get more used to working together as a combination, but they’re already really good at being separately spectacular at the same time. The técnico trio has potential if they stay a trio.