06/02-06/03 lucha times


IWL continues to air in the old IWRG slot on TVC Deportes on Sunday, but there’s no pattern yet to what will air. Maybe next week.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: Matches from Tampico; unsure if it’s a two show taping, but bet on Cibernetico vs Perro Aguayo Jr. airing this week.

AAA-Fusion: Two more matches from Tutltitlan. Guessing Mexican Powers vs Perros and exoticos, but it could be any match.

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: Sombra vs Nakamura in trios, women’s trios.

FOX: The two matches leading to the hair match trios – including Avernos vs Panther/Cometa/Stuka – were both taped for this show, which means the cage match is ending here as of now.

52MX: Minis Cibernetico and Estates del Aire vs Negro Casas, Averno, Felino

C3: Diamante Azul, Rush, Thunder vs Dragon Rojo, Rey Bucanero and Terrible. The Delta/Mascara/Cometa vs Roja/Polvora/Puma match was really good.

MegaCable (Guadalajara): this show may be gone again; Las Luchas also went from reruns to not airing at all this week.

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Revolucionarios vs Estates del Aire

Terra: Minis cage match, Dorada vs Negro

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: Trauma II vs Carta Brava, if it airs.

Noches de Coliseo: random matches?

TxT: second week – which leaves the 90 minutes for the La Park vs Wagner match and one trios. Probably some repeats.

AAA in Tolulca, Eterno, AAA vs Indy legends match

AAA tapes tonight in Toluca. There’s one more taping (and maybe a second to announced) still before TripleMania, but this will probably be the final taping to air before the June mega show. The main event includes a mystery luchador assumed to be Dr. Wagner Jr.’s return, but AAA hasn’t confirmed it. He teams with Cibernetico & Mesias to take on Perro Aguayo Jr., Villano IV and Canek in a final preview of the big hair match. Texano and Heavy Metal preview the Mega title match in a pairs match. Two of the team in the tag team decision match, Angelico & Jack and Drago & Fenix, face off in the fourth. Two feuds which aren’t reaching a big match on TripleMania – Axel & Daga and Apache & Atomic Boy – also meet in trios.

Eterno is listed as working the opener in Toluca, around 9 pm. That’s a bit of a problem, because Eterno is also listed as main eventing the IWRG show in Arena Naucalpan tonight. He’s scheduled to defend the IWRG IC Middleweight Championship (which he’s been wearing on AAA TV) against Hijo del Pirata Morgan in a match which will probably start a little after 10 pm. It’s not realistic for Eterno to work both shows. The IWRG match is main event and a title match (and possibly a title change), while the AAA match is just an opening match, but luchadors have tended to pick AAA appearances over IWRG ones.

AAA clarified the AAA Legends vs Indy Legends trios match, ending up with the atomicos we were guessing on Wednesday: Canek joins Mascara Ano 2000, Universo 2000, and Villano IV to face Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Octagon and La Parka. The more guys in the match, the less demanded from each guy in the match. The average age in the match is 50.7. Canek turns 61 three days after the show. Electroshock is the young man at 43.

With that, TripleMania is complete. A partial list of AAA luchadors not on AAA’s biggest show of the year: Aerostar, Alan Stone, Argenis, Argos, Atomic Boy, Cuervo, Pentagon Jr., Devil Rocker, Escoria, Halloween, Jennifer Blake, Juventud Guerrera, Lolita, Machine Rocker, Ozz, Soul Rocker, Súper Fly, Toscano, Último Gladiador, and Parka Negra.

This week’s TerceraCaida had Shinsuke Nakamura & La Sombra as guests. Nakamura had a Japanese to Spanish translator, but ended up speaking English for about half the show. Fusion was already on to the taping from this past weekend, with the minis match and the Rockers match. Fusion should get 2 more tapings out of the Tultitlan taping, but will need to tape again before TripleMania or start borrowing from the Sin Limite shows again.

The UTDN show from Puebla adds the Maxima Velocidad vs Eterno/Carta Brava match, and the Mary Apache/Hechicera vs Faby Apache/Jarochita. That means the Perros vs Mirreyes match, complete with the Mirreyes being destroyed for a DQ, will not air anywhere.

DTU announced Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards will work shows on 07/04 (Arena Aficion), 07/05 (Queretaro) and 07/06 (Arena Lopez Mateos.) They’re previously announced for a separate show on 06/30. If there’s an AAA taping while they’re around, they’ll probably end up turning up there too. Promos on Tercera Caida for DTU teased matches with Flamita and Drastick Boy.

Occasional Arena Mexico & Arena Coliseo Guadalajara boxing promoter Canelo Alvarez fights Floyd Mayweather on September 14. Pretty safe bet CMLL’s not running the anniversary show on 09/13 this year. It’s either 09/20 or 09/27, but I’d just be guessing which one. This would be a really great year to announce the date well in advance.

Bill has highlights of 05/12/2013 CMLL.

Rob has highlights of 04/20/2013 AAA, the Anticristo interview, Hector Garza vs El Brazo and Hector Garza vs Latin Lover vs Heavy Metal vs Perro Aguayo Jr.

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Lucha Libre in Japan

05/30 NJPW: Jushin Liger beat Titan via brainbuster. Titan drops to 1-2, needs to go at least 5-1 the rest of the way. It could happen! Hector Garza was honored before the show.