CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-04-27


Rookie by rookie


Herodes Jr.: looked either nervous or forgetful, not in the right place or doing the right things on double teams. He needs more time in the opening matches for sure.

Cholo: remains Cholo! He and Rey Bucanero seemed to have worked out a few thing to do as a team, which was great and made their match come off much stronger.

Leono: looked good, because he was working with Rey Escorpion. Excited for more Rey Escorpion matches. Not excited for more Leono matches.

Cholo & ReyBuc

Camaleon: got the least of time of everyone. He did have a fun dive.

Sensei: Sensei got to do his usual stuff with new guys and held his own, but didn’t do anything to change people’s minds on him. Sombra and Rush is the greatest match CMLL hasn’t done yet.

Espanto: got to show a little bit of personality but didn’t stand out in any other way. He’s not as poor as some of the other guys who need to go back to the opening matches, but he needs a lot more.

Niebla has no plan

Boby Zavala: had a good night, except for whatever happened with the false finish in the main event and fit in well with his partner.

Soberano: most spectacular novato of the show, though every match being about his slight frame gets a bit much on a three match show. Main event felt really short.