Hector Garza (1969-2013)

Hectorgarza02Héctor Garza, real name Héctor Solano Segura, has passed away today due to lung cancer. He was 43.

Garza was a regional star in Monterrey early in his career, following in the footsteps of his father. Garza came CMLL in 1994 as their new young star, trying to fill the large void still left after the exodus of luchadors to AAA. Hector would go on to be a major star in every significant promotion in Mexico: traveling to AAA in 1997, then Promo Azteca later that year, and briefly returning to CMLL before a longer and successful run in AAA. Garza made a surprise return to CMLL 2004, and partnered with old friend Perro Aguayo Jr. to form the Perros del Mal faction for perhaps the biggest run of his career. Garza eventually split from Aguayo but remained an influential figure in CMLL. Garza returned to AAA one more time in 2011, and was working with them until the cancer was discovered.

Outside of Mexico, Garza was part of the crew of luchadors who worked for WCW, was back with AAA went they worked with WWE on a Royal Rumble, and worked a stint for TNA. Garza worked everywhere. He was also clearly influential with younger luchadors, with many of them in CMLL particularly clearly taking after him.

Hector leaves behind a wife and two kids.