CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-04-20


quick thoughts on the rookies in leiu of 5 match match reviews

Ultimo Guerrero is not impressed

Stigma: got in a lot in his one match despite being hurt

Akuma: at least a year away from being okay. Happy Genesis exists.

Oro Jr.: good exhibition for him and his team with Mascara Dorada was super fun. They need to run it back in 2014 (and possibly 2015.)

Robin: okay but had a couple of down moments

Disturbio breaks it down

Taurus: Taurus probably needed a second finisher so everyone wouldn’t have to take a crazy bump every time he wants to win the second fall of a Tuesday night segunda, but that doesn’t appear to be a problem for him anymore. Actually was doing perfectly okay for a segunda level guy but needed to expand a bit before moving up.

Disturbio: got to show off his personalitly to a crowd which hasn’t taken him seriously much before, did well for himself.

Atlantis forgets he’s eliminated from the match, goes for a pin

Ultimo Guerrero: not a rookie, but made sure to get ALL HIS OFFENSE IN. An amazing individual.

Guerrero Negro: talented but really needs a new character and soon if he’s going to be used in a higher position.

Hombre Bala: really didn’t get to do as much as he would in regular matches, making him seem more generic, and probably deserved to get some sort of victory over Ultimo Guerrero instead of a DQ finish, but this match was all just secondary to the Atlantis vs UG feud and we’re just lucky the final was still to come.

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  1. I really thought the Robin/Maximo team were surprisingly good. I did not expect Robin to impress me here, but I thought he was pretty solid.

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