AAA on UTDN 2013-04-18

taped 2013-03-29 @ Arena Naucalpan

stereo Brillo Dorada

Argenis, Bugambilia, Dinastía vs Argos, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro: Argenis had a bad match and then used two straight piledrivers to beat his brother, in the opener of the show. So dumb. Not enough Mini Abismo vs Dinastía and too much of everyone else. Exoticos are very much opening match luchadors. You didn’t miss a lot if you didn’t watch the UTDN version of this show.


suplex machine

Atomic Boy, Flamita, Jinzo vs Gran Apache, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano: A good match that had a rough start and went too long. Niño de Ebano and Lucky Boy stood out as guys who looked very overwhelmed by the crowd early on, though they weren’t the only ones. The match did pick up as it went along, but it turned into a Alto Impacto special where every spot just must be gotten in (there was no reason for the last bit of dives except they hadn’t gotten to do those dives, for instance.) They’ve given Atomic Boy a look that stands out a bit more, but they’ve worked hard enough on his look that maybe they’re not keeping his mask anymore.


Dragon Suplex for the win

Blue Demon Jr. vs Texano Jr.: This was another good solid match. It’s still a lot technical title match and not a lot of brawling, and they made good use of the time they have. (Weird that they gave the opener more time though.) Rey de Reyes match was a little bit better but this was still good. Finish is an unexpected big move from Demon, but a lot of what he’s done has been unexpected.

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  1. Stream appears to have ended after the tournament matches, I assume because the main and semi-main are used for tv elsewhere?

  2. @Chris: Yes, but so are the opening matches you got to see. I think you got in before they put up the screen to stop us from seeing it.

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