top six stories of the last two weeks

Note: There is a CMLL press conference today. Check luchablog on Twitter for RTs and sarcastic comments.

  1. LA Park announced he was leaving AAA. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. have resumed their multiyear feud, strongly suggesting they’ll be having a mask vs mask in June in the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City. They’re doing this feud in Todo x el Todo, a promotion who has struggled to fill up an 8,000 seat arena, so a 40,000 seat bullring seems unlikely. Wagner & Park face off in a singles match on this weekend’s Todo x el Todo show and have convinced many that this mask match is actually coming soon. That Todo x el Todo show is also the first not to include a Hijo del Santo match.
  2. CMLL held a major show for the Arena Mexico 57th Anniversary show. This show was similar to the H2L shows last month, including a repeat apuesta match, but did not draw a similiar level crowd. Rey Cometa beat Namajague for his hair; the NJPW trainee lost his mask and his hair within weeks. Boby Zavala & Rey Escorpion won the Gran Alternativa tournament in another expected result. In a totally unexpected result, Averno cheated to beat Mistico and win the vacant Mexican welterweight championship. The title becoming vacant and the tournament leading up to the title match all seemed telegraphed to give Mistico a (needed) big win, but he ended up failing. Adding to the strangeness, the title match had been advertised as airing on TV the previous week, then left off TV with no explanation. Mistico would go on to be humiliated by Volador in a singles match between them two days later, and then was shunted into a new tecnico trio.
  3. AAA held an ‘Evolucion’ TV taping in Chilpancingo. The only development on the show was Heavy Metal returning to TV (only one appearance this year) and being pushed as Texano’s title challenger for TripleMania. Nothing else new was directly suggested for TripleMania, though there are some vague hints of the usual rivalries. Despite the new Evolucion for tapings and promoted brand split, the Evolucion tapings are airing on the Fusion and Sin Limite TV shows, and there is no Evolucion show.
  4. AAA announced who would be on each brand after it’s roster split. The split doesn’t take place for a month and a half, and doesn’t apply to the Sin Limite (and probably not to non-TV shows.) There’s been little to no reaction from the people involved, and none from the people who were strangely not put on either side. It’s unclear how much of an effect it will ultimately have, but it has had none at the moment.
  5. Atlantis was honored last Friday for his 30th Anniversary. Atlantis night included a win over Averno (the same guy who beat Mistico the previous week) and a surprise present from Ultimo Guerrero: Gran Guerrero, Ultimo’s brother. Both Guerreros beat up Atlantis to continue to build towards their undated mask vs m mask match.
  6. Lucha Libre USA abruptly canceled the last five shows of it’s United We Stand tour. No reason was given, but they said the shows would be rescheduled for some time down the road.
  • Lady Apache also announced she was joining Todo x el Todo. She had been part of CMLL before leaving for a pregnancy. She said she was still on good terms with the people who own CMLL but did not agree with the programming decisions. Lady Apache will be part of an eight women relevos suicidas tournament on this weekend’s TxT show.
  • Shocker will be out of CMLL for two months while taking part in TV Azteca reality show La Isla. Meanwhile, long time rival Mr. Niebla has been missing lots of shows with no explanation.
  • AAA announced their lineups for Puebla and Tampico (including a Cibernetico vs Perro Aguayo Jr. match, to air just before their TripleMania match.)
  • Rey Escorpion’s great win included both that Gran Alternativa win and a Light Heavyweight Title defense over Stuka Jr. on CMLL’s annual Kid’s Day show.
  • Black Warrior told at least one person that he had retired. He’s taken long breaks from lucha libre in the past.
  • Titan will be part of NJPW’s Best of Super Junior tournament this May. Nakamaura will be coming to CMLL from NJPW during the tournament. Mima Shimoda is also returning from Japan.
  • Dinamic Black won the WWS Welterweight Championship, to go along with his IWRG IC Welterweight Championship.
  • ChilangaMask is putting on a loaded indy show on 05/19. Negro Navarro vs Negro Casas is main eventing.

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