05/12 AAA TV Lineup (Durango)

AAA TV (SUN) 05/12/2013 Plaza de Toros, Durango, Durango
1) Freelance, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano vs Carta Brava Jr., Dr. Cerebro, Mike Segura
2) Aerostar, Atomic Boy, Axel vs El Apache, Eterno, Mamba
3) Angélico, Drago, Jack Evans vs Argos, Chessman, Halloween
4) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Silver King, Texano Jr., Villano IV
5) Escoria, La Parka, Ozz vs Daga, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Psicosis

Air Date: Sin Limite, 05/18 and 05/25. There’s no poster, and no mention if this is for a single brand or for everything, but that seems to fit.

This is the first Durango taping since 2002, as far as I can find. Escoria is from Durango and will main event in his home town. Maybe Parka will remember how they all used to be in the same group, about two turns ago.

There’s no sign of the Cibernetico/Perro Aguayo feud, the Heavy Metal/Texano feud and the possible Blue Demon/Mesias feud, so maybe this is the show that sets up the TripleMania undercard? At the very least, they might explain how Villano IV came to be in El Consejo (which ought to be El Universal or El Association at this point.)

First three matches all have chances to be very good. Clowns vs Consejo just won’t die.

Invasors vs Peste Negra, LA Park vs Dr. Wagner, magazines

AULL (WED) 05/01/2013 Arena Lopez Mateos [Black Terry Jr. (flickr), R de Rudo]
1) Verda & Yuma b Discorida & Sangre de Lobo
2) Felina Metalica & La Vaquerita vs Black Fury & Keira
Felina Metalica replaced Dios Egipcia (and switched sides.)
3) Buck Wild, Iron Love, Mr. Flama, Terry 2000 b Rey Krimen, Sádico, Sepulturero I, Special K
Buck Wild and Special K were added to the match.
4) Herejía b Chucho el Roto [AULL LH]
Chucho el Roto came in as champion, and Herejia won the title. Actually, Herejia’s second, Cerbero Maligno won the match. They switched masked during the match and it was the fresh Maligno who got the pin, though Herejia is still champion. This build up their involvement int he cage match on 05/19 here.
5) Black Terry, Fuerza Guerrera, Negro Navarro b Mr. Flama, Solar I, Super Astro
Mr. Flama replaced Ultraman and the match suffered since Flama couldn’t do the style they wanted to do. Money still thrown in.
6) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Puma (CMLL) b El Alebrije I, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Puma replaced Negro Casas. Niebla was in an especailly silly mood. They fought thru the crowd. Felino snuck in a foul for the win, then the team challenged for a shot at the National Trios Championship.

This week’s TerceraCaida is up. LA Park is guest, and host by the end of the show. This week’s AAA Fusion show is also up – with matches from the first Evolucion taping! I’ve just skimmed thru it on YouTube and may have missed it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any sign it’s an Evolucion taping. Everything looks the same as any other taping, only they got to promote this show on Televisa and haven’t been able to do with any of the Fusion tapings.

Todo x el Todo held a press conference today to announce almost nothing. Lady Apache was announced as a new member of the promotion, but they actually sent out a press release on that yesterday (and more on that next paragraph.) The focus on the press conference was the Dr. Wagner vs LA Park match, but not really the match on 05/11 as much as the mask match. They insisted the match was happening soon (it has been happening soon for no less than four years) – they don’t have a date or a contract, but they’re insisting it’ll happen in that bullring. LA Park expressed more skepticism that Wagner would agree, and says he left a higher paying job with AAA just to get this mask match (which seems odd if he doesn’t think Wagner will agree.) They ended the press conference by saying they’ll actually sign contracts for the match at the next press conference, though they don’t appear to have given a date for that either.

As for the match on 05/11 that’s actually happening, Lady Apache will second Dr. Wagner and Rossy Moreno will second LA Park. It doesn’t appear explained why they’re seconds. Rossy Moreno & Dr. Wagner Jr. were married – that’s where Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. came from! – but it doesn’t seem like they emphasized that at all. This does seem to tease male vs female violence, something Hijo del Santo has held up as his complaints with AAA. Lady Apache joining TxT is also unexplained – she does say left CMLL on good terms, but the last time she any one talked to her, Lady Apache was quoted as saying she was going back to CMLL soon. Lady Apache was last seen in CMLL building up a hair match feud with Dark Angel, never resolved, and the set up suggests she’s going to be just doing a new feud with Rossy Moreno.

Before that, TxT announced a random female ruleta de la muerte for their 05/11 show. This was not mentioned at the press conference; no other matches seem to have been mentioned at the press conference, and there was no Hijo del Santo appearance. The women’s tournament instead appeared in a press release yesterday, and teams are Violeta & Diosa Maya, Rossy Moreno & Cristal, Esther Moreno & La Chola and Lady Apache & Chik Tormenta. This would be Apache’s TxT debut. The most likely loser seems to be La Chola, who has no recorded matches this year, is believed to be over 50 years old, is somehow still masked, and her loss would mean a win for a Moreno here (and all the women’s matches so far have ended with Moreno wins.)

Porra Fresa corrects a few things from El Popular’s report on Monday’s Arena Puebla show: Meyer replaced Millenium in the opener, it was Signo (not Nitro) who cheated to beat Metalico, and Tiger did not get along with Puma & Felino so that wasn’t just a one night storyline.

This week’s WON reported AAA will be finding someone new to be Octagon Jr. “because Samuray del Sol is too hard to get to TV.” Doesn’t seem like indy promoters are having that much problem getting Samuray to their shows. Alas! If AAA is serious about the split – the same newsletter says they are but it’s so hard to believe they are capable of doing it – there doesn’t

Hijo del Santo says he’s not on the dancing show.

An outdoor show at for restaurant El Polar,  included CMLL and TxT wrestlers, as well as Axel and indy guys. No Mr. Aguila, who was scheduled in two places and appeared in neither

The Losers Leaves Town podcast has an interview with TJ Perkins (TJP, Puma, 500 other names). It’s mostly about his indy work, but they start to get into Mexico in the last five minutes, with the story of why Bobby Quance started calling himself Rocko and a delightfully story about CMLL management being clueless.

Rob has highlights of mid-late November 2002 CMLL.

Bill has highlights of CMLL 04/14

Magazine Roundup

Luchas 2000 #662 (March 11, 2013)
– a lot of results and pictures, not a lot of new news. They spend 6 pages on the Santo Arena Lopez Mateos show you’ve already fogot
– the Hombre Bala interview is on the period after he lost his mask but before he became a caveman.

Luchas 2000 #665 (April 1, 2013)
– Hijo del Santo would like to defend his title versus Ultimo Guerrero or Negro Casas. Good luck on that.
– the minis match includes a mention of “mediocre Tsuky”. Yep.
– Rey Bucanero explain he wasn’t just healing his knee – third surgery – while out, but also his psyche. As shown on El Luchador, he went thru a divorce and was living in his car for a time. (It’s said to be two months here.) He’s been in therapy to deal with depression and he’s been attending Alcoholics Anonymous sessions. It sounds like he’s doing better, but he does dismiss retiring from wrestling because of what else is going on.
– Hombre Bala explains he left AAA because when Konnan came aboard as an assistant, he convinced the people in charge that AAA should have no more Alberijes, Monsters, Aliens – all the old characters need to go for new blood. He was told by the director of programming that he’d be booked about once a month. He left, without any thanks for having worked there, and then all the gimmick characters found out they couldn’t keep the gimmick characters. Hombre Bala talks about his bad 2009 injury, and how he wouldn’t have been able to afford it if not for a benefit show Maximo put on, and he’s now recovered to the point where he’s running training classes 3 times a week. He thanks the support of his wife (India Sioux 80s) and his three children (Hombre Bala Jr., Monsther II and India Sioux 00s)
– an interview with Morelia luchadora Davinha, who says she was trained by Skayde, and now Hijo del Gladiador & Ultimo Guerrero. She started as Babystar, but that name was being used. She mentions she’s headed to Helsinki (the one in Finland) in 3 months to have a match with Ludark.

Luchas 2000 #666 (April 8, 2013)
– no Devil on the cover of this one. It’s Dr. Wagner Jr. instead.
– Centviron talks about watching shows at Pista Arena Revolucion. He did amateur wrestling as a kid, and his brother told him to turn pro.
– Metalico’s sons are preparing for an Aguascalientes Olympic wrestling tournament.

Luchas 2000 #667 (April 15, 2013)
– a luchadoras from Matamaoros is named “Single Lady”.
– 10 pages on the Arena Coliseo Anniversary show. 3 on WrestleMania (which is 3 more than they usually give WWE.)
– Demus says he and Pierrothito have won more than 80 matches a team, so they should have a hair vs mask match at the next Anniversary show. Pierrothito is cool with this.
– Vaquerita, the latest last trainee of Diablo Velasco, wants a shot at Silueta’s title.

Box Y Lucha #3124 (April 1-7, 2013)
– Leobardo Magadan says he took a survey of people about the Anniversary main event, and 80% of the people he talked to wanted the main event to only be Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis, with nothing else involved. 10% said they’d be okay with a cage match, but only with those 2, and the other 10% said they’d be okay with a cage match if it included big names like Niebla and Volador.
– Super Muneco complains about other people using his name, or claiming to be his mini.
– La Parka says he was a fan of Atlantis & Pirata Morgan.
– ring announcer Mucha Crema says he’s no longer working for TxT and it sure would be nice if CMLL brought him back for the 80th Anniversary.
– Tiger says he didn’t get the spot in TRT just because he has the letter T – they could’ve gone with Titan or Triton, or some indy guy with the name T, but they choose him because Bucanero saw his talent and quality. Interview spells his name Tyger the whole time thru, and they do it when he comes up again in a couple weeks. I don’t know why.

Box Y Lucha #3125 (April 7-14, 2013)
– another Mascarita Dorada interview talking about his WWE deal. He says he was signed for 3 years. (So was Brazo de Plata.)
– a shot of Shocker wearing a cast (from his last knee injury) is captioned “Shocker, en primera nivel.” Maybe they’re not paying editors any more.
– Magnetico, sky Fly, Mormo, and Kick Dragon (listed as Pick dragon in one place) are training in Hijo del Gladiador’s class.

Box Y Lucha #3126 (April 15-21, 2013)
– about the same Vaquerita interview.
– Negro Casas talks about being champion and his habit of arriving at an arena 3 hours before the show.
– Mohicano will be out 3 months with an injury
– the print very much rubbed off on me. Not cool, newspapers printing techniques!