ChilangaMask, Maximo vs Lyger

ChilangaMask has added Xtreme Tiger vs Stuka vs Magnifico to their 05/19 show, as well as adding Christina Von Eerie to the women’s match (Silueta  & Chik Tormenta.)

I haven’t been doing updated on Maximo’s NJPW tour because it’s a lot of “Maximo loses meaningless trios/atomicos match early in the card” results that I’m not sure I’d be even concerned about if it was happening on a non-major show in Mexico. Something interesting did happen on today’s show: Maximo got pinned by Lyger after a casita, then Lyger challenged Maximo to a mask vs hair match. (nWo Puroresu pointed this out.) I read it as more as Lyger getting into the spirit of being a luchador by making a challenge for an apuesta match that’s never going to actually happen, but I guess there are weirder ideas.

Last night’s Tercera Caida had a lot of coverage from the show outside Chicago this past weekend. Included was an interview with Samuray del Sol, who explains he hasn’t been back to AAA as Octagon Jr. because he’s been busy elsewhere. That doesn’t quite explain why he missed the matches he was already announced for – he was busy with AAA those days but didn’t appear – but is a safe story to explain why he won’t be there in the immediate future.

Dr. Wagner Jr. can’t even remember how his feud with LA Park started. Neither can I!

Rob has highlights of TripleMania XI (2003), AAA 07/03/03 and TripleMania XX (2012).

Bill has highlights of 03/13/13 CMLL.