top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. LA Park announced he has quit AAA. He showed up at a Todo x el Todo press conference as a surprise last week to challenge Dr. Wagner Jr. to a mask match (for the millionth time), then announced this week he wanted to be free and it was time to move on. LA Park is the current AAA Latin American champion, but AAA hasn’t done much with that title. AAA hasn’t said anything about the situation.
  2. Blue Demon signed a contract with AAA in the ring at the very busy AAA TV taping in Leon. Demon announced AAA would be holding their own version of the Leyenda de Azul tournament, calling it “Legado Azul”. Demon also introduced Axel, el Nieto del Santo, as joining AAA. Feuds were set up between Axel and cruiserweight champion Daga, and Demon and Konnan, who announced he was returning to wrestling. Ricky Marvin returned to AAA later in the show, joining the Perros del Mal, and Mesias and Demon feuded after the main event.
  3. CMLL announced Rey Cometa and Namajague would face off in a hair match this Friday, as part of the Arena Mexico Anniversary show. It’s a continuation of their Dos Leyendas feud, and a surprise since Mr. Aguila vs Shocker appeared to be set up as a hair match on that show instead. The hair vs hair match is not the main event; instead, a Mistico (II) vs Averno match for the vacant Mexican Welterweight Championship will end the show, and the finals of the Gran Alternativa tournament (Atlantis & Hombre Bala vs Rey Escorpion & Bobby Zavala) will be the semimain event.
  4. Mistico is also feuding with Volador on the Sunday series of shows, leading to Mistico having two big singles matches in Arena Mexico in the space of three days.
  5. AAA held it’s first Evolucion show in Veracruz. It kept the ongoing feuds going but did not do anything new. It’s unclear when and where this will air, and AAA has said that people on the show are not necessary part of the Evolucion brand. The split into two brands is still being brought up, but nothing much has happened on screen with the split since the it was announced a month ago.
  6. A show honoring Hector Garza this past Sunday in Arnea Solidaridad featured Monterrey, CMLL and AAA wrestlers in one card (though the two promotions were kept separate on it.) The show came close to selling out the arena. Latin Lover, retired from lucha libre, did run in to help the tecnicos in the main event and sold photographs during the show.
  • Texano Jr. kept the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship over Mesias in Puerto Rico. It was a good match. Octagon Jr., using that name, also particpated on the show but took a loss, while Blue Demon Jr. won the Pro Wrestling Revolucion heavyweight championship.
  • Arena Coliseo Guadalajara announced a double apuesta match between locals as it’s own Kid’s Day shows. Kid’s Day is offically Tuesday, but the weekend is full of extra Kid’s Day themed shows.
  • Eterno won the IWRG IC Middleweight Championship title
  • Chico Che lost his hair in IWRG’s annual Guerra de Golfo tournament.
  • Rey Demonio Jr. lost his mask on the Arena el Jaguar anniversary show.
  • Monterrey’s Kaientai won an international fourway match on a Chilangamask show in Chicago.