AAA Fusion: 2013-04-04


taped 2013-03-17 @ Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey

stunner from above

Juventud Guerrera vs Daga, Fénix, Crazy Boy in the AAA FUSION tournament final match: Great. By far the best match in this tournament. A lot of them had crazy non-stop spots, but this one got better as it went on and no one broke up pinfalls for no real reason. Crazy Boy didn’t seem on the level of the other three, but basically everything they anted to do worked out well, and they wanted to do quite a lot. Would’ve liked a longer stretch between Fenix and Daga at the end to get the crowd into it – they were really just starting to, which is a bit of a problem – but the match itself was great.


Faby performs nose remodeling

Fabi Apache vs Mari Apache, Taya Valkyrie, LuFisto in a AAA’s Reina de Reinas Tournament final match: Faby Apache and LuFisto genuinely seemed like they were having a lot of fun in their last segment versus each other, and it was a really strong stretch between them. I feel about about Fighting Spirit No Sell a lot like people who just watch Japanese wrestling must feel about lucha falls ending with everyone beat at the same time, but it stuck out as out of place in this match. (On the other hand, that part was basically a Japanese match which happened to be taking place in Monterrey, so maybe the context was right.) It wasn’t bad the before the final section, but it was on a different level the last segment. I’m not sure if it rises to the level of Great, but it is pretty good. I wasn’t sold on LuFisto at all after her other matches but would be pleased to see her back after this one.

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  1. yeah crazy boy is not the same guy he was before his injury and the People didnt really missed him(and dont like the new Crazy Boy either as far as i can say to the Shows i went, well maybe in tulancingo) so the only Thing he can do his giving himself victorys in his own Promotion.If DTU is still his Promotion ?or is it part of AAA now ?

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