Atlantis & Hombre Bala advance, cibernetico for Titan’s championship

photo by CMLL
photo by CMLL

CMLL (FRI) 04/12/2013 Arena Mexico [CMLLYahoo! Deportes]
1) Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico b Acero, Aereo, Fantasy
Rudos took 1/3
2) Goya Kong, Luna Mágica, Silueta b La Comandante, La Vaquerita, Tiffany
Vaquerita’s DF debut. Tecnicas took 1/3.
3) Rey Cometa DQ Namajague [lightning]
Namajague has new shorts, half his hair blond, and has half his face painted up like his old mask. Okumura broke up a pin for the DQ, then gave Cometa a brainbuster. Namajague broke a glass frame over Cometa’s head.
4) Disturbio & Robin b Akuma, Guerrero Negro Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Oro Jr., Stigma, Taurus [seeding battle royal]
5) Averno & Taurus b La Máscara & Stigma [Gran Alternativa, eightfinal]
6) Atlantis & Hombre Bala Jr. b Akuma & Mephisto [Gran Alternativa, eightfinal]
7) Guerrero Negro Jr. & Último Guerrero b Máscara Dorada & Oro Jr. [Gran Alternativa, eightfinal]
8) Disturbio & Volador Jr. b Máximo & Robin [Gran Alternativa, eightfinal]
9) Atlantis & Hombre Bala b Averno & Taurus [Gran Alternativa, quarterfinal]
10) Guerrero Negro Jr. & Último Guerrero b Disturbio & Volador Jr. [Gran Alternativa, quarterfinal]
11) Atlantis & Hombre Bala Jr. b Guerrero Negro Jr. & Último Guerrero [Gran Alternativa, semifinal]
12) La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Shocker b Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Águila, Rey Escorpión

Fox Sports is broadcasting the entire Gran Alternativa tournament.

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CMLL (FRI) 04/19/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Eléctrico & Pequeño Halcón vs Pequeño Violencia & Pequeño Warrior
2) Metálico & Molotov vs Disturbio & Hijo del Signo
3) Mistico vs ValienteRey CometaGuerrero Maya Jr.FuegoVolador Jr.AvernoTigerNamajagueSangre Azteca [cibernetico, #1 contender, MEX WELTER]
4) Rush & Sensei vs Espanto Jr. & Mr. Niebla and Camaleón & Super Porky and Herodes Jr. & Terrible and La Sombra & Soberano Jr. and Cholo & Rey Bucanero and Blue Panther & Leono andBobby Zavala & Rey Escorpión [Gran Alternativa, semifinal]
5) Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Shocker vs Euforia, Mr. Águila, Último Guerrero

Metalico vs Hijo del Signo feud moves to this show. Those two, Cometa, Namajague, Aguila, Shocker would make six, they’re only one more feud away from a random cage match.

There’s a lot of good people in that cibernetico – including one person who is Japanese last time I checked and not at all eligible to win that championship, and somehow a large booking committee all missed that  – but it sure looks like a scenario where Mistico gets Titan’s championship in two weeks. That would be a revolting turning of events. Match is listed as determining top contenders, so it’s a bit where the last two face off next week and everyone boos.

A singles title match makes it unlikely CMLL is doing a Mr. Aguila vs Shocker hair match on 04/26. The week after is slated to be Atlantis’ anniversary show.

Gran Alternativa looks like Bobby Zavala’s to win, unless we’ve totally misread CMLL’s feelings on him. Herodes & Terrible is a visually fun team and the only other rudo side which seems to have a chance.

AULL (SUN) 05/19/2013 Arena Lopez Mateos
***46th Anniversary show***
3) 1 vs 2345678 [AULL Light]
participants to be announced
4) 1 vs 2345678 [cage, mask]
participants to be announced
5) Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy vs Crazy Boy & Joe Lider [UWE TAG]
first defense for Crazy & Marvin
6) Canek vs Dr. Wagner Jr.el Hijo del Perro AguayoBlue Demon Jr.

Lider & Crazy can keep up with Marvin & Crazy (which means they’ll need to make the match slower.)

8 thoughts to “Atlantis & Hombre Bala advance, cibernetico for Titan’s championship”

  1. I guess I’m alone in thinking CMLL is going to do a triple header on the 26th headlining with Shocker/Aguila, semi-main title match w/ Misticlon vs Averno & especial Gran Alternativa final.

  2. @Rob: You could, and usually are, right. But if the do Shocker vs. Aguila now, what is the stip match vs. Triplemania? They have to have a big show the Sunday of Triplemania.

  3. @LLL: Whatever random feud they pull out of their asses around that time. It’ll be something that won’t be on anyone’s radar until 2 weeks before the show. Maybe something stupid like Maximo vs a New Japan wrestler in a hair match.

  4. Just tuned in to see GDL airing again at approx 7:30est time just caught the finish of what appeared to be:

    CMLL (TUE) 04/02/2013 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
    1) El Divino & Gallo b Infierno & Maléfico

    and is currently airing 3) Olímpico, Ráfaga, Sangre Azteca b Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Sagrado

  5. Rey cometa vs Namajague for their hair? They have a few things they could do and it did draw well for Dos Leyendas.

  6. My pick for Tournament #2 is Rey Escorpion/Bobby Zavala. However, I would not count out Mr. Niebla/ Espanto Jr.,simply because CMLL could try to add Niebla to the 80th Anniversary Mask match and make it a Three-way match(not exactly what I’d want,though). La Sombra/Soberano Jr. sounds like a great team ,too.
    What the heck are Sensei and Leono doing in this tournament,if all the other guys are rookies? The Gran Alternativa tournament should be contested between 3rd and 4th match guys. That way if they win,it’s more believeable that they can hang with the Main Event guys.
    BTw Cubs, I’m going to the LLUSA show in Ontario,CA tonight. I”ll try to post results tomorrow,if anyone you’re interested.

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