AAA on Televisa (& UTDN): 2013-03-17


taped 2013-03-03 @ Domo de San Luis, San Luis Potosi

Mascara Ano 2000 invents a pumphandle piledriver

Texano Jr. vs Zumbi for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship: It was a sub minute match. The master of capropeia’s moves looked neat, but he needs to come close to actually hitting someone with them if it’s going to work. The Demon challenge came off very strong, even with the microphones trying to betray them.


Monster plancha

Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Argos, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano for the AAA World Trios Championship: These were better when Toscano was involved, and not just because he didn’t drop people on their heads or took finishes better than Argos. Shorter than usual and less to it, more just a happy Psycho Clown defense. At least this feud appears to over and done with, the right guy got pinned, and they promoted they thing they needed to promote.


chokeslam thru table-like-object

Cibernético, El Mesías, Electroshock vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, LA Park: Perro spends a full minute setting up this modified table, and then immediately sends Cibernético as far as he can. Perro Jr. is the dumbest possible luchador. Cibernético/Perro feud seemed like a big deal if you can get past that, and obvious blade jobs, and LA Park being on the rudo side with no real explanation. Mesías, LA Park, Chessman and Electroshock appeared to be having a different match entirely, a match which might have been good on it’s own, but mostly existed to give Cibernético and Perro some much needed rest breaks. It’s a normal AAA main event.


not quite the Road Warriors

Cinthia Moreno, La Jarochita, Lolita vs Jennifer Blake, LuFisto, Taya Valkyrie: It didn’t occur to me until I finally saw this match, and the entrances, that this was a rare AAA woman’s tag match without the Apaches. Extremely rare. The last women’s trios match in AAA with no Apache involved was in April 2007 with Las Brujas (Miss Janeth, Rossy Moreno & Tiffany) versus Cinthia Moreno, Estrellita and Sexi Star. It’s a good thing the Apaches are great, or this would’ve been six long years. This match could’ve used it – it had the basic layout, but it was slow earlier and never really clicked together. It was a bit like LuFisto’s Reina de Reinas match with Cinthia Moreno, where it dragged early, picked up at the end, and probably suffered from the people involved not having worked with each other before. Jarochita is apparently amazingly tough to withstand LuFisto’s crossface for about a minute (or something went wrong there.)


Jack Evans at work

Angelico, Drago, Jack Evans vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker: Fun match! A rare AAA match that probably could’ve happily gone a little longer. Jack Evans vs the Inferno Rockers turns out to be a very good thing, so either Jack needs to get himself a trio and go for the titles after the Rockers get done, or Jack needs to join the Psycho Circus. Either one works. Machine really makes the Rockers work, but they wouldn’t be as fun without Soul’s wackiness. Drago did good but probably could use more non-DDT moves. Angelico is a much better Relampago. Soul Rocker appears to be ready to be the newest Espectro de Ultratumba should this gimmick not work out.