DTU postponed, AAA Fusion

DTU’s postponed today’s show in Queretaro to sometime in April. They blame it on inability to complete some administrative items done due to the holidays. Among other issues, this messes up the tournament they’re running over four shows.

Last night’s AAA Fusion aired the two orphaned matches from the Sin Limite San Luis Potosi taping – the opener trios with Atomic Boy and Gran Apache, and the Fusion title match preview with the Mexican Powers vs Perros del Mal. They focused on the Fusion tournament thru a lot of the show, so I’d still figure that title match airs here next week. This week’s Tercera Caida is also up. (I didn’t get to scan thru that one.)

AAA posted a news update about the AAA split, though it’s not really anything new. It’s actually less than what we know, because it mentions each group will have each it’s own shows but doesn’t mention specifically Fusion or UTDN. They probably should announce a start date at some point.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentions Canek & Villano IV will be used again by AAA going forward. Seems like that would be diminshing returns. Maybe one will get a mask match payoff? (Those last couple parts are me guessing.)

CMLL posted video of Shocker challenging Mr. Aguila.

No Arena Naucalpan show tonight. They’re off to make room for Friday’s AAA TV taping.

Rob has highlights of 02/26/13 CMLL.

Video promo for Hijo del Santo & Blue Demon Jr. in Pro Wrestling Revolution

Recent former CMLL Women’s Champion Ayumi is retiring in August due to injuries.

This weekend’s Deportivo Lee Roy card is built around the appearance of El Burrito.

Video promo for Konnan Big vs Dr. Wagner.

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