AAA Fusion: 2013-03-06


taped 2013-03-01 @ Arena Neza

not so great timing

Lolita vs Mari Apache in a AAA’s Reina de Reinas Tournament semifinal match: Lolita was doing much better until that huracanrana, and then no one way doing good at all. The way that fell apart, the way Mary didn’t react the whole time, and the way she just repeated the powerbomb and went back up made it seem like it someone got their wires crossed. Match was fine for the time up to that part, but need a little longer and Lolita coming a bit closer to actually winning this.



Jennifer Blake vs Taya Valkyrie in a AAA’s Reina de Reinas Tournament semifinal match: Not a good match either. There were some good moments in here, but it was more being impressed/surprised that a single spot or bit was good than thinking the overall package was anything special. On the other side, there were at least two spots where I was concerned they had accidentally knocked to each other. I think the idea of the finish was Jennifer distracted by the other rudas and that’s why she lost, but the rudas weren’t really doing anything (and Sexy Lady actually tried to flee!), and Taya didn’t get her move until Jennifer was first standing around and then walking right to her with eyes wide open. They could’ve done Jennifer and this match a favor by making it more clear she was meant to be a tecnica; it’s assuming way too much that the fans in the building knew these two had issues already.


Angelico is all in (to the top buckle)

Súper Fly vs Angelico, Crazy Boy, Halloween in an AAA FUSION semifinal match: This was not near the level of the last couple of these. Even putting aside the usual nonsense pin breaks up and Niño Hamburguesa as the biggest possible Mije, it really didn’t have much of a chance after Angelico dive in to immense pain (or the corner buckle, whatever you want to call it.) My assumption is Angelico was supposed to pin Halloween, but Crazy/Halloween realized that might not be happening and called their own finish, only Piero didn’t know and got to look really dumb. This is a match where a lot of people had unfortunate moments. Crazy Boy could really afford to take it down a couple notches and not try to work in every move he’s thought of in the last two years, but he probably wouldn’t be Crazy Boy any other way. Super Fly and Halloween weren’t around long but seemed fine.