AAA on UTDN: 2013-03-03


taped 2013-02-18 @ Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato

welcome back Ultimo Gladiador

Argenis & Flamita vs Argos & Último Gladiador: Very much a match where everyone go tin as much stuff as they could on TV, thinking they might not get another chance to do so this calender year. It was smoother and more of a direction than the XMW match, but they didn’t totally build up to a big finish, just did the big moves where ever they could. The double Spanish Fly spot looked nice, but it also didn’t lead to even a pinfall attempt and left Flamita limping around the rest of the match, so it doesn’t seem like it was such a great idea. Flamita looked good in his debut except for the one missed spot at the end, and that’s despite the knee injury. UG is still willing to do crazy things.


I have no idea what this was, except poor

Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Pasion Kristal vs Black Mamba, Gran Apache, Mari Apache: Atomic Boy was more the focus this time, and it felt like he got in more big moves. This feud still feels like it’s missing something, Atomic Boy only feels like the latest young guy Gran Apache is feuding with and has no identity of his own. The exoticos could use some more work.



Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano Jr., Toscano for the AAA World Trios Championship: outside of the finish and Murder Clown randomly wanting to wrestle as a CMLL técnico, this was just another Consejo vs Psycho Clown match. Match was alright if not special. I’d like it if the finish was more dramatic, but the more near falls you have, the harder it becomes to explain why Argenis waited to come out with the chair. Psychos getting their win and titles back was a minor point to the turn, which did come off well.