AAA TV (FRI) 03/29/2013 Arena Naucalpan
1) Atomic Boy, Flamita, Jinzo vs Gran Apache, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano
2) Argenis, Bugambilia, Dinastía vs Argos, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro
3) Crazy Boy & Joe Lider vs Dr. Cerebro & Eterno
4) Faby Apache & Jennifer Blake vs Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie
5) Cibernético & Cuervo vs Daga & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo
6) Blue Demon Jr. vs Texano Jr. [AAA HEAVY]
Texano Jr. is the champion. Fourth defense.

Air Date: 04/13 and 04/20 at the soonest, maybe a week later if they get a third episode out of Rey de Reyes.

I don’t know why I keep thinking this is Thursday when it’s been announced as the 29th all along.

One of the few details announced about the Fusion/Evolucion split is ‘both groups will share AAA Sin Limite’, so we shouldn’t draw any conclusions about roster break ups from this lineup. We may get some answers about exact plans here.

I had a dream of Texano’s open challenge extending to this show, and a Chico Che or a Oficial 911 title challenge. Everyone else will be fine with Blue Demon getting a rematch. I’d be very surprised if he lost clean twice, and more surprised if Texano lost the title, so they’ll need some other way of getting out of this. It’s a non-title match. I don’t know why I was confused, because it’s clear on poster.

Cibernetico and Perro continue their feud in the semimain, the women do the same in their match, and Apache and Atomic Boy do the same in the opener. The latter two could end up with matches at TripleMania, but we’re way too far away to expect them to do anything to set up (and Atomic Boy/Gran Apache would be much better resolved on a TV taping where they might be able to be in a bigger spot.) Mini Abismo Negro vs Dinastia has already been talked about as the next minis feud.

Tercera is the only IWRG appearances on the show; Eterno & Dr. Cerebro were part of Team IWRG in the AAA Trios Title tournament with Cerebro Negro.

AAA announced a Leon taping next on TV, but now have a 04/20 taping in Veracruz listed on their website. They’ll confirm it on TV this week, but assume it replaces Leon. There’s also a 04/06 Fusion taping in Arena Loepz Mateos.