CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-02-16


taped 2013-02-08 @ Arena Mexico

Milita double team

Oro Jr. & Sensei vs Artillero & Súper Comando: Short match for a CMLL match, purposely so they could has much of the hour as needed for the cibernético. It worked out well, because the right time for Oro Jr. to get pinned was after he blew the spot, instead of pretending his didn’t and trying to go a minute more. Artillero and Super Comando found a new double team and a new way to be sabotaged by their own double team.


huge Valiente tope

Rey de Aires Block B: It’s odd to be complaining about a 30 minute match not being near long enough, but this was way too rushed for the last two thirds. After Mephisto was hurt, there were about 10 eliminations in 11 minutes. Just a lot of short sequences to get people out of there, and didn’t give the matchups the time they needed to be good. The last bit, with Volador and Mascara Dorada, went 2 minutes on my clock, but seemed like it flew by and they really didn’t get a chance to build drama for the finish. There were good parts in here; Volador pinning everyone on the way to the win was a strong way to do it, even if it didn’t seem like enough attention was paid to it. (Volador also appeared to be the one who was calling the shots and getting the match back on track after Mephisto was hurt and eliminated, which was interesting.) The guys who usually look good, like Guerrero Maya and Rey Escorpion looked good. On the other side, Fuego had atypical rough night, and Triton needs to shelf that tornillo moonsault for good. Máximo was not a great fit for this kind of match, but he definitely had his share of fans and worked hard to try and fit in. Last week’s match was better.

triple dive
Guerrero Maya finds the 2nd row
Guerrero Maya suplexes