AAA Fusion: 2013-02-14


taped 2012-11-27 @ Korakuen Hall

Fenix tornillo moonsault

Ayako Hamada, Bachiko, CIMA vs Fenix (AAA), Lolita, Pimpinela Escarlata: CIMA’s attitude to man on man love sure changed during the course of this match. (CIMA is just weird.) This was less than I expected. Fenix looked good in his spots, but Lolita really struggled here. It turned more into a Pimpinela showcase, which was okay but limits the ceiling of the match. The opposition crew was fine; it appears Bachiko is not very good, but they kept him to a minimum and the other two were good.


Ayako has enough of Lolita

Sexy Star vs Kaguya in AAA’s Reina de Reinas final: Weird match. Sexi Star was insufferable in the first few minutes doing a técnico version of her usual bit, and got forearmed a few times, and then spent the last two thirds of the match just kicking and kneeing Kaguya in the face. I kept expecting some extended Kaguya flurry and comeback spot, but it never really happened. Sexi Star just kept on mostly winning, and then she just won. A better match than the Jennifer Blake one last week, but still not good.

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