CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2013-02-09


everyone celebrate!


taped 2013-02-01 @ Arena Mexico

Namajague disturbs the guy sitting by the barricade

Reyes del Aire block A: a very exciting cibernetico. Actually, a very exciting ciberentico and then a strong five minute match between Sombra and Averno to finish it out. Sombra looked great here, as did a lot of other people. There were fewer of the really sudden finishes most of these matches had, and they spread out the last half of the match to give the sequences more time. Those last eight eliminations took place over 20 minutes, which is longer than many of these ciberneticos go in total. Considering all that time, it was strange how Titan disappeared for minutes despite being one of the last few guys. (Later edit: he was hurt, that’s why.) Most everyone else had plenty of time and everyone generally had a good match. Namajague getting dropped on his head and Cometa and he continuing to go was not good, but Namajague had a really nice sequence with Sombra and we’ve got to figure out how to get them to a singles match before Namajague goes away.

triple dive