03/01 AAA Fusion Results (Neza) – two matches announced for Rey de Reyes

AAA FUSION (FRI) 03/01/2013 Arena Neza [AAA, Black Terry Jr. (flickr)MT (FUSION)MT (rest)]
1) Flamita & Jinzo b Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano
Atomic Boy was attacked by Gran Apache before the match, so Jinzo (last seen in QPPLC) took his place.
2) Mari Apache b Lolita [Reina De Reinas, quarterfinal]
3) LuFisto b Cinthia Moreno [Reina De Reinas, quarterfinal]
LuFisto won in her debut here.
4) Fabi Apache b Sexy Lady [Reina De Reinas, quarterfinal]
5) Taya Valkyrie b Jennifer Blake [Reina De Reinas, quarterfinal]
Sexy Lady, LuFisto (who is apparently a ruda) and Mary Apache all helped out Taya to win. The tecnicas made the save after the match.
6) Juventud Guerrera b Pentagón Jr. and Aerostar and Último Gladiador [AAA FUSION, quarterfinal]
Elimination went Gladiador (by Juvi), Aerostar (by Pentagon), and Pentagon (by Juvi). Both Aerostar (maybe on a dive before the finish, maybe on Pentagon’s package piledriver) and Pentagon (wheelbarrow Juvi Driver?) were hurt and taken to the hospital.
7) Crazy Boy b Súper FlyAngelicoHalloween [AAA FUSION, quarterfinal]
Crazy Boy, making his return to the ring and accompanied by Nino Hamburguesa, was the mystery person. Super Fly replaced Ricky Marvin, oddly announced for this show despite being booked in Germany at the same time and never mentioned on the show. Halloween attacked Nino before the match and Nino sought revenge during the match. Halloween beat Super Fly, Crazy Boy beat Halloween, and Crazy Boy beat Angelico for the win.
8) Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker b Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown
Uro Rocker appeared to distract the Clowns again. Rockers made the expected challenge for the trios titles after the win.

Air Date: 03/07 & 03/14

AAA (via Dorian) announced the first two matches for Rey de Reyes after the results

  • LuFisto vs Fabi Apache vs Mari Apache vs Taya Valkyrie for the Reina de Reinas title
  • Fenix vs Daga vs Juventued Guerrera vs Crazy Boy for the AAA Fusion Title

A Rockers/Clowns title match couldn’t actually be announced yet – Consejo get their title rematch on Sunday – but that seems likes a good bet after the main event finish. Something with Gran Apache and Atomic Boy also seems likely. I’d expect more of that card to be announced during the taping Sunday and revealed in full on Monday.

This show itself again doesn’t look to have drawn especially well. I was skeptical of the idea that fans were identifying Fusion as a B-show and staying away for that reason, but there’s something here that’s not working out and it’s as good an idea as any.

There’s enough material here for 3 hours of shows, as mentioned prior, but I’m under the impression the next Fusion taping is really soon. Like, next weekend soon. We should hear a lineup soon if that’s the case.

2 thoughts to “03/01 AAA Fusion Results (Neza) – two matches announced for Rey de Reyes”

  1. Sad to see Neza empty.

    Inferno Rockers vs. Psycho Circus is really semi-main at best. Previous Fusion shows had more star power.

    I wonder if the concept of a “dark match” to draw a house ever occurred to AAA?

    How many people really knew about this Fusion show? Was it hyped on Sin Limite on Galavision/UTDN?? Did the most recent broadcast of Fusion hype the taping?

    If the show is not hyped on weekly television, who is going to know and go? If you don’t tell your base/core audience you’re going to 500 people.

    Can’t understand the concept of a tv deal where you can’t hype your live events.

  2. Agree with LLL. Who’s the biggest name on this card? Juvy? Faby?

    Without promotion or a big “star” on the show they can’t expect sell outs.

    Looks like a good show thought

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