CMLL vs IWL, Sangre Nueva, Trauma II explains the 3 way mask match

CMLL IWL (SUN) 02/24/2013 Centro de Convenciones Tlalnepantla [@lawagnermania, Estrellas del Ring, R de Rudo]
1) Payaso Carroña & Payaso Terror b Arkanos & Rayo Del Futuro
Periko ran in, attacked Arkanos and Rayo del Futuro, and announced he was forming La Resitencia wiht the clowns.
2) Perico, Quimco Jr., Último Vampiro b Ojo Diabólico Jr., Templario, Yago
3) Coco Amarillo Jr., Coco Blanco, Cocolores b Babel, Bugambilia, Corcel
Flamita, Mike Segura and Pantera were scheduled, but replaced by Babel, Bugambila, and Corcel.
4) Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas b Ángel o Demonio, León Rojo, Ovett
5) Dragón Rojo Jr., Mephisto, Último Guerrero b Carta Brava Jr. I, Ricky Marvin, Super Crazy
Carta had Dragon Rojo beat, but UG got away with a foul and beat him.

No one mentions any problems between Dragon Rojo and Ultimo Guerrero. No one mentions there should be problems either.

The CMLL Gaceta preview for tonight’s show says it’s a rare occasion to see the Invasors in Arena Mexico. They were just there challenging for the trios titles last Sunday. I dunno. (Morphosis does rarely appear, which they correctly point out.) The Sangre Nueva tournament begins again, with Hombre Bala Jr. and Bobby Zavala among the favorites for this group. The show also has a Delta/Negro Casas lightning match, and another Tuareg vs Cancerberos match.

There’s also a IWRG FILL show tonight in Arena Naucalpan. It’s another battle with the Konkreto Gym. The FILL kids beat them in the cage match, but have yet to win a cibernetico against Fuerza Guerrera’s guys.

CMLL’s shuffled the Incredible Pairs teams for Friday. The Mascara Dorada/Mephisto and Averno/Mascara teams I whined about on Saturday are now back together as originally announced, and Kraneo now teams up with Marco Corleone. Maybe this’ll lead to those in their first ever lightning match.

Arena Xalapa is advertising Joe Lider, Fenix, X-Fly, Eterno for their 03/17 show.  That’s the same day as Rey de Reyes, which means they would be off that card – except Dr. Lucha mentioned a plan to conclude the Fusion tournament at Rey de Reyes (and I’ve since heard the same thing), and Fenix is in the finals of that tournament. I’m not sure what the deal is.

Trauma II gave an explanation about how Oficial 911 ended up back in the mask match on Facebook. He reminds us that he and Angel were upset with how Oficial 911 won the triangle match last Sunday – Oficial 911 snuck back in the ring while the other two were counted out and said so on Tercera Caida. The commission, which Trauma II notes usually doesn’t take care of injustices when they’re supposed to, though they were being fair to Angel and Trauma by putting 911 back in the match. (That darn commission!) Trauma II doesn’t agree with this at all, and now feels like his chances of holding on to his mask are even smaller, but he’s going to accept the situation and take 911’s mask this Sunday.

The Thursday CMLL show at Arena Queretaro has been moved to Auditorio General José María Arteaga in the same city. The Lucha Libre Quereatro facebook says it’s due to changes in Arena Queretaro administration. There’s an AAA show previously announced for that building in the middle of March.

AAA has put up everything from it’s show in segments: a match Rey de Reyes match 1998, more highlights from 1998, a recap of the Sociedad vs AAA feud, Jarochita’s firing and other firings, the recap from the previous weekthe Roldan family meeting, the Rey de Reyes promo for this year, Dinastia vs Mini Psicosis hype,

Rob has highlights of late July and early August CMLL 2002.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

The Gladiatores interviews Hijo del Pantera about his pending long stay in Japan (he’s working with Wrestling New Classic, Tajiri’s promotion) and Dinamic Black about his title win.

Cronicas Y Leyendas looks back at Ray Mendoza & Canek vs Abdullah The Butcher & Perro Aguayo, which sounds like a very bloody match knowing nothing more than those four names.

AAA hypes LuFisto’s debut, including a Cinthia Moreno interview talking up the match. It said to be a long run for LuFisto in AAA, not just the weekend.

Alan Stone, who appeared to be done in AAA way back at last year’s Heroes Inmortales, is listed on a card for this weekend.

Super Porky and Maximo head to Monterrey this weekend. Looks like a Reyes del Aire match is the semimain.

Groon XXX is among the indy names working Arena Aficion next Tuesday. There was a ‘where are they are now’ answer I gave about a month ago, mostly saying people weren’t around any more, and they’ve all returned since I said that. Don’t listen to me.

Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy won in the main event thee way tag match of the NGX (Monterrey) show, but some fans were unhappy because it was a Strong Style match with little weapon usage in a hardcore promotion, and those fans wanted more an extreme match. They style they did left Marvin and Erick Snake hurt still; the Marvin injury sounds like a concussion, which would be very concerning since he just had another one about 10 days ago, but assuming we know anything about these guys medical histories would seem to be a bad bet.

An arena in Xalapa was to be shut down to due to civil authorities declaring the building unfit for use, so the last show featured an extreme match where ‘more than 250 light tubes were broken’.


indy (SAT) 03/02/2013 Gimnasio GDL
1) Casanova Boy, Lander, Spider vs Eragon Extreme, Tornado (DF), Veneno Maya
2) ?, Lizmarman, Principe De La Oscuridad vs Alucard, Black Mercury, El Pastor
3) La Jarochita, Principe Pantera Jr., Sangre Felina vs Alex Montana, El Exorcista, Kamillion
4) Alan Extreme, Comando Negro, Gemelo Fantastico I, Iron Kid, Principe Pantera, Skayde, Terremoto vs Astro Rey Jr., Fresero Jr., Gambler, Gemelo Fantastico II, Impulso, Obscuro, Súper Nova [EdM WELTER]
Astro Rey Jr. is champion.

Astro Rey Jr. and the Tercera Caida guys must’ve patiently explained how that main event works at least 3 different times last week, and I still have no idea. This is a benefit show for Astro de Plata (Astro Rey Jr.’s brother.) SuperLuchas listed another Astro de Plata show on Sunday with Tiffany and Magnus.

Semimain is a mixed tag, with wife (Jarochita) and husband (Exorcista) on opposite sides.

CMLL ICHIBAN (SUN) 03/03/2013 Centro Civico Chamizal
1) Mixus vs Cosmico Delta, Demasiado Moria, Dino, Acerus, Chamaco De Oro, Black Metal (DF)
2) Red Tiger & Zurdog vs Black Shadow Jr. & Pegazus
3) Keira & La Vaquerita vs Estrellita & Tiffany
4) Diva Salvaje, Íkaro, Kráneo vs Antar, Mr. Niebla, Psico Kid
5) Angel del Misterio, Atlantis, Corsario Negro Jr. vs Averno, Jorge Kebrada , Zertiko

Again listed as airing on AYM Sports., again no date given. As far as I can tell, the last show has not aired.

BAJA STAR (FRI) 03/15/2013 Auditorio de Tijuana
1) Eddie Randle & Ryan Kid vs Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma
2) Silver Star & So Cal Crazy vs Pitbull & Ultratumba Jr.
3) Angel Garcea, Camaleon De Oro, Rubi Gardenia vs Enfermero, King Azteca, Pancho Cachondo
4) Arandú & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Hijo del Rey Misterio II & Tony Casanova
5) Canek & El Hijo Del Santo vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Solitario

Poster here. Pretty amazing Dr. Wagner Jr. was saying he’d be at Dos Leyendas when he had this match booked for the same night. (Unless you want to believe someone put this show together in the last few days, which – nah.) On the same tip, Dr. Lucha mentioned last week that Dr. Wagner is heavily disliked by CMLL management at the moment – more so than Santo! – and it’ll be a long time before he’s back. For his own part, Dr. Wagner’s latest run of interviews have moved the goal posts to the Anniversary show. I wish Dr. Wagner’s biggest fans better understood his dedication to performance art.

That’s PWG/SoCal’s RockNES Monsters in the opener (and I probably have the other team wrong), in a weird world’s collide situation.

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  1. to the IWL Show Perico is not forming the Resitencia …Yoruba and some other XMWguy (Kilvan) ran in and the will form the Resitencia with Rayo and Arkansos(anyways the complete members of the Resitencia are Yoruba, Kilvan, Oscuro, Psycho Kid and now the IWL Guys)…the the first match is missing which was an Hijos de los Porros Match which was better then the first 3 matches together..i really dont know what happend to IWL its like going to an all Porros Shows and Perico gets the most pops ??thats all very strange. But if you see IWL SHows from one Year ago and now …..its like really really sad ..what to see what happend to this great promotion.But yeah luckywise the next big thing is ITCHIBAN and XMW…and lets see how Super X will grow…

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