2Leyendas: Stuka/Cometa vs Okumura/Namajague, Estrellita/Amapola, Universo/Rayo, more

CMLL held it’s first press conference in many months to announce some plans for 2013.

The big news was the announcement of most of the Dos Leyendas card, to take place on March 15th. As Tercera Caida revealed last night, the main event is Namajague & Okumura vs Stuka Jr. & Rey Cometa with the losing team giving up their mask and hair. There will be a second apuesta match, with Estrellita and Amapola facing off in a hair match, in a feud that’s been focus on since late last year.

The luchador honored on Dos Leyenda will be Rayo de Jalisco, as Yahoo Deportes reported earlier this week. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. appeared at the press conference to talk about his father, but was confronted by Universo 2000 as part of their never ending feud. They fought, and agreed to a match on Dos Leyendas. It’s probably part of a short run for both, who will also be working the Villano V retirement show that Saturday. There had been a rumor that Universo (and Mascara Ano 2000) had been upset with CMLL when they left last time, but it’s clearly been worked out.

Rayo talked some more after the press conference (the only time they press can actually ask questions is if they catch the people in the parking lot, so press conference isn’t really the right phrase for this event.) Rayo said he’d want it to be a singles match with Universo, but it’s up to Universo accepting and the promotion to make the decision. Trios match is the safe bet, Rayo just can’t back down from a singles match. That’s the third announced match.

The fourth match will be the finals of the Torneo de Parajes Incredibles. It returns from 2013, running from 03/01 to 03/15. As with last year, there’s no regional aspect to it. It’s not strictly rudo/tecnico, but definitely two luchadors who won’t normally get along. Teams announced at the press conference:

  • Mephisto & Mascara Dorada – Mephisto promised to be professional.
  • Maximo & Mr. Aguila – who seemed to get along
  • Dragon Rojo & Niebla Roja – a Revolucionario & a Guerrero
  • La Mascara & Averno – oh no
  • Rush & Terrible – almost won this thing last year before the inevitable.

11 teams to go! In theory, CMLL should be using the final to set up the Anniversary main event, since they’ll probably draw their biggest audience of the year so far (and all the fans they want to come back in six month’s time.) It’s just very unlike CMLL to pick an Anniversary match in March and stick with it for six month, but they did pull it off with Rush and Terrible. Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero seems like a good bet for one of the finalists.

Overall, this seems like four matches on the level of Puma/Cometa last September, but no Rush/Terrible to go with it (and even Rush/Terrible didn’t draw great.) They’re going for quantity of important matches rather than quality, and that hasn’t worked well in the past. We don’t know ticket prices, but this doesn’t look like a big house.

Thunder will not be part of the tournament, and will not be on Dos Leyendas. His debut in Arena Mexico was announced for March 29th. It does set them up for having attractions after Dos Leyendas. Mistico, who was one of the top stars in CMLL at some point in the recent past, was not mentioned.

CMLL announced another Sangre Nueva tournament. Last year, Dragon Lee won it, and it seemed to be an odd mix of opening match guys and established midcarders. The lineup announced so far this year is strictly opening match guys.

As always, there was a big focus on the long length of the promotion and upcoming events based on anniversaries. Arena Coliseo turns 70 this year, and their anniversary show will take place on April 7th. Arena Mexico is 57 this year, and will have it’s own anniversary show on 04/26. The 80th Anniversary received a lot of attention as well, with plans for murals and photography exhibits (but no date announced.)

Recent Arena Coliseo Anniversary matches
2012/69th: Ultimo Guerrero vs Shocker
2011/68th: Rush vs Rey Bucanero [CMLL LH]
2010/67th: Mistico vs Atlantis
There doesn’t appear to be designated ones prior, though there’s matches you could go back and designate as such.

Recent Arena Mexico Anniversary matches
2012/56th: Bufete del Amor vs TRT [CMLL TRIOS]
2011/55th: Ultimo Guerrero vs Hirooki Goto [CMLL HEAVY], though Mascara/Sombra/Rush vs Averno/Niebla/Casas was actual main event
2010/54th: Felino vs Mistico
2009/53th: Negro Casas vs Mistico [CMLL WELTER], Marcela vs Rosa Negra [mask]
2008/52th: Hector Garza & Mistico vs Averno & Mephisto [CMLL TAG]
2007/51st: Mistico & Negro Casas vs Perro Aguayo Jr. & Mr. Aguila [CMLL TAG]
2006/50th: Mistico & Negro Casas vs Averno & Mephisto [CMLL TAG], Dark Angel vs Amapola [hair vs mask]
2005/49th: Damian/Pierroth/Halloween vs Wagner/Mistico/Casas
2004/48th: Terrible vs Mascara Magica [hair], Zumbido vs Super Crazy [hair]
2003/47th: Shocker vs Vampiro [hair]

The Arena Mexico match is usually a significant match, and often a title one. CMLL only runs cage matches in Arena Mexico, so if there’s something that way with Metalico and others, April 26th is the date. The Arena Coliseo show is probably not as significant a match.

5 thoughts to “2Leyendas: Stuka/Cometa vs Okumura/Namajague, Estrellita/Amapola, Universo/Rayo, more”

  1. I’ll guess that CMLL is taking a wait-and-see approach to the real MIstico. His treatment would have some guessing his release could take place after Mania when there’s usually a group that is released. Two months ago I was at a series of WWE events in NY and his mask was not being sold.

    Mistico vs. Mistico ll would be an interesting feud.

  2. Oh, and it’s sad that Namajague could lose his mask. It’s an awesome mask, and he’s an awesome wrestler. with something of a cult following in recent months. Way more over than Stuka, who has fallen in popularity and would make a good heel to lose his mask to a tecnico IMO.

  3. Main event? Wow that was a bit of a surprise but they do have the build for it, hope the show does well to convince CMLL to take a few chances on main events.

  4. CMLL is pre-planning things? Quite the change!

    I know the delusion people out there who seriously thought they’d be doing Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero are pissed but I like the card. From what I gather the show will be arranged like so:

    Main: Parejas Incriebles Final (which basically guarantees something like Atlantis/UG vs Rush/Terrible or Sombra/Volador)
    Semi-Main: Stuka/Rey Cometa vs Okumura/Namajague
    Especial: Rayo/?/? vs Universo/?/?
    Tercera: Estrellita vs Amapola

    I don’t imagine they’ll do the two stip matches back-to-back and seperating them with the ceremony leading to the Rayo/Universo match makes sense.

    It’ll be interesting to see who they put in the Rayo/Universo match. Whether they stick Porky/Panther/Shocker/Niebla types in there or whether they try to get Mistico II on the show and give him the rub.

    Honestly I like the card a lot. There’s variety and the show really feels like a major show unlike if you had one stip match and the rest was all filler trios matches.

    Not sure if you noticed by the interesting thing about the Arena Coliseo anniversary show being on April 7th is that means it’s a Sunday show = on Terra. That’d be the first “major” Terra show since Marcela/Tiffany. Also that’s a horrible day to do a major show on.

  5. The Sangre Nueva tournament It’s an opening match wrestlers tournament,but most of them are novatos but Horuz,Cholo &Camaleón

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