02/16-17 lucha times


Have you enjoyed CMLL being back on Fox Deportes US? Great – too bad it’s almost over. The show airs on Sunday this week. It does not air next week. It airs once in March (the 1st, a Friday, not sure if it’ll be the previous episode late or the new one early), then again only once in April (the 7th, and what it’ll be.) Scheduling can change, but that’s all according to Fox’s own website, which makes it appear as if it’ll only be a first weekend of the month show going forward. That doesn’t make any sense or help anyone, but there you go.

There’s also some Galavision changes. There is no overnight airing this weekend. Next week, there’s only an overnight airing (which usually means they air a repeat.)

AYM again lists IWRG as airing Sunday and Monday, and hopefully it actually does air on one of those days.

== AAA ==

AAA-Televisa: The Pachuca taping, though your guess is probably better in mine in figuring out what’s next. They have tended to air the minis match the first week, and the main event the last week. I’m guessing they do all the matches which don’t directly relate to the big incident on this show, and then bundle them all together next week.

AAA-Fusion: ????? Dunno what could be airing, unless they taped the entire Veracruz show (and they did have plenty of cameras there.)

== CMLL ==

Galavision/Televisa: Ultimo/Atlantis also face off and the Cometa/Stuka vs Namajague/Okumura moves is kicked to this show.

FOX: The Reyes del Aire Block B for sure. This block did not go 40 minutes, so probably the opener makes air (and because it’s Oro/Sensei vs Peleton de Terror, that’s a promising thing.)

52MX: Top 3 from Terra, including another Invasors/Bufete match.

C3: Peste Negra vs Blue Panther/Mascara Dorada/Shocker

GDL: Atlantis, Azul, Sombra vs Euforia, Niebla, UG

TVC Deportes (Puebla): Rush vs Ultimo Guerrero

Terra: The two best trios in the world (according to CMLL), and probably a small man being thrown around by his head. More Namajague vs Stuka and some possibly good undercard matches.

== Other ==

IWRG-AYM Sports: who knows. If it’s this week’s show, it’s three way that build to a mask match, plus some really good undercard matches.

IWRG-TVC Deportes: They picked up with El Protector. I don’t want to raise your hopes too high, but the next week was the mythical 6 on 6 Oficials vs Piratas match.

Noches de Coliseo: Ultimo Guerrero wrestles people from Monterrey.

4 thoughts to “02/16-17 lucha times”

  1. There was one week when Galavision actually aired a new episode in the late AM slot. I just remember being surprised when I watched it(not like I stayed up late, I’m always up at that time anyway).

    With Easter coming up, that could screw up some things during Holy Week. So could daylight savings time. But maybe not. In two years of broadcasting CMLL, Galavision gets an A- in my book. They have been pretty good about not screwing around the timeslot.

    CMLL, Mundo Fox, and Fox Sports need to work things out so that Mundo Fox can air CMLL just like they air UFC on both cable and broadcast. CMLL belongs on Mundo because it’s OTA and does not air much sports content, meaning soccer won’t kick them around. Not that CMLL would get ratings. Their show it horrible. But I doubt anything on Mundo is doing big numbers anyway.

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