Fenix & Pesadilla vs Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy, AAA TV gets new pickup (in Mexico)

Last night’s Tercera Caida (above) aired the Fenix & Pesadilla vs Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy (c) match for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. It’s about a minute into the show, above, though the show itself is worth watching from the beginning for the Mexitosos. It was a Great match (in a bit of darkness, though you’ll see near the end of the match that they clearly had brought lights.)

This is a reach of a prediction to make on January 31st, but if Marvin & Crazy stick together and keep having tag title matches (not necessarily these titles) thru even as short a time as August or July, they’re going to be the runaway lucha tag team of the year. There matches are going to be very good, but also helped by being on in a key position on any indy show they work on – they’ll have more chances (and a better quality chances) to have an outstanding match on any show they work as long as they’re working on their own. Plus, every one will be more than happy to vote for an independent team. Those two traveling out of the country might be their own obstacle.

AAA’s two hour (Regional) show airs tonight on Univision Televisa Deportes Network in Mexico at 8 pm, and repeats on Saturday at 8AM. (This isn’t the normal Televisa Deportes, but a secondary channel of that.) AAA hasn’t said anything about this yet. I presume this is a last week’s episode and a weekly deal, but I don’t have a schedule for next week.

AAA does have a new page to make it easier to watch their past TV shows. It’s the one hour national show (and Fusion) sorted by taping. They’ve been putting up the non-match portions of their show on YouTube for a while, but the full show itself usually has been delayed a while. Not as much this week, the TV show in full was up on Wednesday. It works for me to split everything up by match and segment, but having the complete show in one place is a lot easier to point people towards. (If they’d just post the regional show – for the slightly longer matches some weeks – on a consistent basis, we’d stop putting it up ourselves and just point everyone there.)

The Gladiatores is bringing back live radio coverage of IWRG with tonight’s Arena Naucalpan show.   Cerebro Negro vs Dinamic Black! Three Match Fighters!

Arena Jaguar has a cage match this weekend with people putting up their hair, their title, their arena (Golden Boy), their girlfriend (Big Neurosis) and their mom (Principe Guerrero II). How can you put up your mom in a match? Principe Guerrero II is a lousy son.

An AAA spot show lineup with a Doctor Wagner Jr., whoever that is.


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