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Los ciclos concluyen y nuevos están por comenzar… pronto @lucha_libre_aaa en USA! #latinoproud

a Dorian Roldan tweet (which Twitter won’t embed right today)

It’s seemed to me like something actually progressed with this when Konnan switched a couple months ago from saying “2013/next year!” to “February!” (Saying on Twitter or podcasts, I mean. Leave Konnan alone.) This message suggests something more has progressed.

The Traumas explain why don’t go to a bigger promotion. I think they are good enough that they’d eventually be better off in CMLL. (AAA’s more dependent on AAA having an idea for them; CMLL doesn’t have ideas.) The problem is they’d have to go thru a long period of suffering in early matches since CMLL makes all new young guys start at the bottom and work/wait to move up. (That’s where AAA is much better.) The CMLL/AAA opportunities are still going to be there later and they’re doing fine on their own, they might as well take advantage of what they have on the indy scene as long as they’re enjoying it. I think their fan’s frustration is probably because they want the Traumas to continue to advance and it’s hard to do that facing Chucho el Roto and Iron Love – they’re not a danger. The match to do with the Traumas might be Traumas vs “old, former major tag team”, but generational battles don’t usually happen. This is also something I write a long paragraph about on a slow day.

More Filler For A Slow Day Magazine Roundup

This is far from everything in the magazines, but items I found interesting enough to talk about.

Luchas 2000 #650

  • Parts of interviews with Pompin and Dory Dixon talking about their career
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. insists he was done with AAA after Guerra de Titanes.

Box Y Lucha #3108

  • Isis (the Tuareg valet) says she’s been in lucha libre for 3 years (training, not wrestling) and has trained with Arkangel & Arturo Beristan. She’d like to team with Amapola & La Comandante and face Marcela & Dark Angel in her debut.
  • Jerry Estrada retired from wrestling! I thought he was long retired, but the Ecos Nortenos column says he offically retired after a match on 12/20 in Deportivo Tigre Padilla in Moclova, teaming with Jerrito Estrada & Ricky Estrada vs Stuka (I), Octagoncito and La Parkita
  • Oscar Sevilla was listed as appearing on a lot of shows the weekend of 12/12. Wonder if Angel took his dates. IWRG was teasing a mask match with him at that point – the same one they’re still doing with Trauma II and Oficial 911
  • The winners of the PHC awards are revealed. They never actually explain who or what the PHC, but it appears to be the promoters of Arena 2 de Junio. They gave 11 different people “revelacion” of the year awards, it’s that kind of awards.

Luchas 200 #653

  • Luna Magica feels she did not have a good year in 2012 in terms of performance. She’d like to wrestle at a lower weight in 2012, but she also has some personal issues to deal with and has thought of asking CMLL to let her retire for a while to deal with those issues and injuries. She mentions having to hand her 3 year old daughter off to her sister or a neighbor when she goes to train, and another son who lives with his father in Ciudad Madero who she has not seen in 4 years. (This must be the one where there was a custody battle a couple years ago.)
  • In this magazine’s interviews with the double hair match luchadors, Leono mentions he’d like to try being on the rudo side.
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. insists he’s an independent luchador who just has a few outstanding dates to finish up with AAA but will totally take independent bookings. I like the Dr. Wagner stories for the comedy, but apparently there’s a story in  Box Y Lucha this week where Dorian Roldan vaguely mentions suing Dr. Wagner. I believe Wagner is working his own angle here, and he won’t be working for any major promotion besides AAA this year.
  • Estrellita suggests a hair vs hair match with Amapola, or Amapola’s career vs Estrellita’s title. NOOOOO.

Box Y Lucha 3112

  • Atlantis talks about Emilio Charles Jr. You know, because of the Best of Episodes, CMLL never acknowledged Emilio’s passing on their main Televisa show. A shame.
  • you may have noticed a ‘Rey Bucanero Jr’ in recent lineups. He’s interviewed here after a trios match with Okumura and Psicosis (vs Panterman, Angel de Oro and Blue Angel) and says he’s 19 years old, has been training for 5 years, and was previously known as Exodus. He talks about wanting to face Atlantis, but does not say Rey Bucanero’s his dad. The author and Okumura imply that he is Bucanero’s son. Okumura talks about being friends with Rey Bucanero Jr.’s father and wanting to get his son off with a good start, but doesn’t refer to his father by name. He could be someone else’s son, or I could be crazy overeading into it. Junior/Hijo names are a tricky thing; the next interview is with Hijo de Rambo, who says he’s Rambo’s nephew by marriage
  • post match interviews with Zavala/Disturbio and Leono/Blanco. Tigre Blanco hasn’t appeared since losing his hair and was not wrestling much before that feud started, but he talks here of revenge and not retirement.
  • In an interview with Dr. Zeta Jr. & Catedratico, they say the group they work for – Promociones Fuerza Z – has 200 luchadors. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this promotion before. Lucha libre is vast and confusing.

SuperLuchas 495

  • Dorian Roldan feels 2012 was good, but 2013 will be even better. They’re going to revolutionize lucha libre on the internet (more Pintrest I hope) and they’re going global. So I’ve heard. 90% chance TripleMania will be back at Arena Ciudad de Mexico, and Dorian would like to take the other mega events to cities that have supported AAA but not gotten a big show in a while – Monterrey, Tijuana, Ciudad Madero and Torreon are mentioned. There are plans for AAA luchadors to return to Japan. “We’d love to do a tour”, but it sounds more likely they’ll work with a local promotion – they’re on good terms with WAVE & NOAH, and improving their relationship with AJPW. Dorian is very happy with all the young talents they’ve brought in AAA and feels they’ll be the future top stars.
  • Shocker says the key to turning around CMLL is guys giving 100% effort on every show. Shocker should consider taking Shocker’s advice.
  • Hijo del Fantasma talks about the plans DF Commission plans for 2013. More of the same. They plan on running the licensing exam in 2013, and everyone’s got to take care of their medicals. They’re hoping to get a little more funding. El Signo (who must be officially part of the commission) is maintaining a list of licensed luchadors, referees and announcers, so promoters can contact them and get reliable people. On one hand, that’s a good idea and makes being licensed a bit more worthwhile. On the other hand, I’m cynical enough to believe there’d be all sort of games played with that list
  • Juvi feels the door is slightly open for a return to WWE and would like to return there one day, but is happy in AAA and running Super X right now. He was very disappointed his father had better things to do than come to his show.
  • Ray Mendoza Jr. talks about teaming with Santo at age 16. Over on Box Y Lucha, Mendoza Jr.’s son says his father’s retirement show will be in March.
  • There’s a really cool picture of Freelance diving out of the ring on a outdoor show.
  • A recap of a 1971 show! I always like these.



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  1. “Luna Magica feels she did not have a good year in 2012 in terms of performance.”

    Really? Tell us more.

    “She’d like to wrestle at a lower weight in 2012,”

    300 pounds?

    “but she also has some personal issues to deal with”

    Laziness? Inability to do your chosen professional properly? Be even somewhat athletic?

    “and has thought of asking CMLL to let her retire for a while to deal with those issues and injuries.”

    People tend to not have to ask permission to retire.

    “She mentions having to hand her 3 year old daughter off to her sister or a neighbor when SHE GOES TO TRAIN,”

    Blatant lie.

    “and another son who lives with his father in Ciudad Madero who she has not seen in 4 years.”

    Hopefully he hasn’t seen her on TV either.

    “(This must be the one where there was a custody battle a couple years ago.)”

    Oh you mean around the time she got her job by fucking a CMLL booker?

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