02/03 AAA TV Lineup (Pachuca)

AAA TV (SUN) 02/03/2013 Palenque de la Feria, Pachuca, Hidalgo
1) Argenis, Astro de Plata, Atomic Boy vs Billy el Malo, Black Mamba, Gran Apache
2) Fabi Apache, La Jarochita, Lolita vs Jennifer Blake, Mari Apache, Taya Valkyrie
3) Dinastía, Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
4) Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu vs Daga, Halloween, Psicosis
5) Fénix, Octagón, Octagón Jr. vs Pentagón Jr., Silver King, Toscano
6) Cibernético, El Mesías, La Parka vs Chessman, Parka Negra, Texano

Air Date: 02/09 or 02/16 – Toluca doesn’t need to be two weeks with this scheduled this early, but they’ve almost always made these shows two tapings when they’ve had one hour. AAA getting a longer time slot would also make a difference.

Billy appears to be a rudo while in a faction of tecnicos, and is teaming with a man who’s caused him so much angst. (Billy didn’t help out the Secta when they were being attacked in Toluca, so maybe he’s not in the group or whatever happens in the opening match just doesn’t count.)

Jarochita is the first 2012 QPPLC winner to debut.

Mini Vipers reunite! That should be a pretty good minis match.

No Perro Jr. on this one, but the Secta/Perros feud continues (and maybe Halloween & Mari Apache will have a skit.)

Hopefully Octagon Jr. could make the semimain. It seems like an obvious set up to Silver King and Toscano having more issues.

Parka/Parka Negra continues in the main event. Since Cibernetico has Perro (likely in the Rey de Reyes tournament on the next show to save the hair match for TripleMania), Mesias is the only tecnico left and likely to get a rematch with Texano for the heavyweight title.

No Dr. Wagner. No LA Park either, but that one may just be otherwise busy. Park will at least have the never ending Jarrett feud to come back for. La Parka has Parka Negra, Cibernetico has Perro, Mesias has Texano, Wagner has no obvious dance partner (Chessman? Chessman might still have Vampiro issues.)

IWL, FantasticaMania Day 2, Stuka vs Namajague, Thunderbird, Fenix & Daga off FCK

IWL (FRI) 01/18/2013 Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Mariposa Mortal, Mini Picudo, Sexy Rubí, Sky Man b Chica Bacteria, Pequeño Angel o Demonio,Príncipe Siniestro, Spectrus 2000
Chica Bateria was switched sides, and Sexy Rubi took Aztrik’s place.
2) Apolo Navarro Jr., Centinela, Red Monsther b Alfanje, Galeon, Rey Bucanero Jr. [lumberjack strap]
Women fans were lumberjacks. Galeon replaced Crazy Man, and the entire winning side were replacements.
3) Ninja De Fuego b ArkanosFlamitaNiño de ÉbanoRayo Del FuturoTerrorCarroña,PerikoImpulsoPanteritaPantera I [IWL INTERNET]
Advertised as a TLC match originally, ended up being an elimination match. Ninja de Fuego beat Arkanos to keep the title. Arkanos was added to the match. Panterita is listed in the results; it may have been Freelance using his old gimmick since he was scheduled in the match. Pantera I not lsited in the results but visible in pictures.
4) Calle 13, Mike Segura, Tony Rivera b Infierno Kid Sr., Ojo Diabólico Jr, Último Vampiro [IWL TRIOS, #1 Contenders]
Tony Rivera used the ropes to get the pin.
5) Cerebro Negro b Carta Brava Jr. I [IWL JUNIOR]
Cerebro Negro kept the belt with the help of a surprise Dr. Cerebro run-in. Despite feuding elsewhere, Cerebro hit Carta Brava Jr. (I) with a chair to give Negro the win.
6) Ángel o Demonio, León Rojo, Ludark Shaitan, Ovett b Dance Boy, Davinha, Super Crazy, X-Fly
Super Crazy replaced Pagano, Davinha replaced Shitara. Brawl all over the crowd. Angel won it for the Porros with a lighttube moonsault. Crowd booed.

Wrestler count: 41, plus an extra doing a run-in.

NJPW CMLL (SAT) 01/19/2013 Korakuen Hall [Battle-News.comNJPWStrong Style SpiritYahoo! Deportes]
Attendance: 1750
1) Máximo & Tama Tonga b Taichi & Taka Michinoku
10:07. Color commentator Milano Collection AT took a kiss from Maximo. Maximo ducked a Taichi kick and cradled him for the win.
2) Gedo, Jado, Misterioso Jr. b Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, Titán
9:42. Misterioso beat Titan with “La Misteriosa” (middle rope Rosa Driver)
3) Mephisto & Shigeo Okumura b Diamante & Máscara Dorada
9:38. Mephisto beat Mascara Dorada with a middle rope Devil’s Wings.
4) Dragón Rojo Jr., Ishii, YOSHI-HASHI b Bushi, Prince Devitt, Ryusuke Taguchi
9:29. Dragon Rojo beat Bushi with the Dragon Bomb.
5) Atlantis b Euforia
Atlantis won with the Atlantida in 7:30. He was recognized for 30 years of wrestling prior to the match.
6) Okada, Rey Escorpión, Volador Jr. b Hiroshi Tanahashi, La Máscara, Rush
10:44. Okada pulled out a tope con giro. Rush tried to give Escorpion the Rush Driver, but Escorpion escaped and used his own barely legal piledriver (now named “Aguijon Mortal”/Deadly Sting) for the upset win.
7) Shinsuke Nakamura b La Sombra [IWGP IC]
13:29. Seconds were Mistico & Ishii. Nakamura came in as champion and kept the title (fifth defense) with a Bomb-Ba-Ye. Nakamura refused Sombra’s handshake after the match.

Sunday’s show is noon local (9pm Saturday in the Central Time Zone), with a lot of big matches to finish the tour: Maximo vs Taichi, a cibernetico, Rush vs Rey Escorpion (Rush figures to get his win back), Dragon Rojo vs La Sombra for NWA Middleweight championship (seems like a title change), La Mascara vs Volador for the Mexican Light Heavyweight Championship (Mascara seems more likely to keep it but it could go either way and has impact on next Tuesday’s match) and Devitt/Atlantis/Tanahashi vs Okada/Euforia/Mephisto match to end it. Poor Euforia’s not going to win a match on this tour.

CMLL (FRI) 01/18/2013 Arena Mexico [CMLLYahoo! Deportes]
1) Camaleón & Soberano Jr. b Artillero & Súper Comando
2) Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo b Pegasso, Starman, Stigma
Tuareg took 2/3.
3) Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. b Namajague, Vangelis, Virus
Fuego, who had been wearing tape on his right shoulder, now is wearing a shoulder brace. Namajague and Stuka continued to feud, Namajague pulling off and ripping up Stuka’s mask in the first fall for the DQ. Stuka left to get a new mask, returned, won the match, but Namajague ripped up his mask again.
4) Guerrero Maya Jr. b Puma [lightning]
7:53. Guerrero Maya won with his inverted suastica.
5) Averno, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero b Blue Panther, Super Porky, Valiente
Rudos took 2/3, UG beating Panther.
6) Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Shocker b Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Tecnicos took 2/3, beating all the rudos in the third fall.

CMLL may be setting up a Namajague vs Stuka mask match. It’s too soon to be sure, but they’re playing it out that way, and it seems like something which could fit into Dos Leyendas like Puma King vs Rey Cometa on the Anniversario show.

CMLL also announced the mystery 2013 man’s name: Thunderbird. There’s a photo of him on CMLL.com, and it sounded like he did a promo which probably will air on CMLL TV. Still no debut date announcement, but the idea seems to be ‘February’.

Every name in Mexico seems to be already used by someone else, and Thunder Bird is no exception. There’s been recent Thundbirds in Acapuclo and Coacalco, but the best known one was an early 90s Tijuana luchador. He was super highly regarded by the fans going to the shows at the time – I’ve read people saying that they thought he’d be bigger than Rey Misterio Jr. – but he struggled in his AAA TV appearances and then suffered a knee injury in 1993 which he never fully recovered. On YouTube, you can see a 10 man tag with him and Thunderbird losing his mask after that knee injury. This new Thunderbird surely has no relation to the others.

FCK announced Fenix and Daga were pulled from Sunday’s show. Matt Cross will face Ricky Marvin instead, no one has been announced to face Chuck Taylor. FCK’s explanation is AAA pulled them because they were unhappy about how their AAA guys were being used and positioned on the card, and FCK started they are okay with the decision and are not angry with AAA or Fenix and Daga. That’s very charitable of FCK, because if the card I had announced two months ago had been wrecked two days before the show, I’d be intensely angry with everyone involved. It’s probably a better idea to put the focus on the card you are presented (and Ricky might have a better match with Matt Cross), but it makes me think there’s something more going on here. I don’t know what the deal is, but it does occur to me that if they had run this same show a year or so ago, FCK coudl’ve directly booked Fenix & Daga. Now, they may have needed to go thru AAA to do it, and maybe they just didn’t. (I have no idea if this is the issue.)

On the other hand, I doubt that Teddy Hart went thru AAA to book Konnan and Samuray del Sol (at least partially because AAA might have not booked Octagon Jr. on last night’s show if they had already agreed for him to work elsewhere), and it’s not like they were pulled. Maybe just different rules for different situations or different guys.

CMLL 52MX aired the top 3 from last Sunday.

LuchaWorld has the latest Slammin’ Stan and California Classic podcast

Bill has highlights of 09/22/11 IWRG.

Terra previews Sunday’s return to Arena Coliseo

Porra Fresa previews Monday’s card.

Quinto Misterio, who had been on the run for a year and a half since he and Estrella Dorada and others were involved in a casino robbery, was arrested this past week.

Pee Wee lost his hair in Arena Jaguar.


XMW (SAT) 02/02/2013 Gimnasio Gloria
1) Obscuro vs YorubaFulgoreCorsario NegroMetaleonMaidenEl GuasonEl Legendario (93) [XMW JR, #1 Contenders]
2) Belial, Douki, Fly Warrior, Hanaoka vs Fly Metalik, Fly Star, Mr. Leo, Ojo Diabólico Jr.
3) Saruman vs MambaKronos [XMW JR]
4) Dolar vs DemoledorÁngel o Demonio [fans bring the weapons]
5) Dance Boy & Impulso vs Aeroboy & Violento Jack and ? & Core
6) Ricky Marvin vs TornadoArezTerremotoAstro De Plata

Next XMW show. Ricky’s going to be working a lot of indies for the time being.

CMLL (SUN) 01/20/2013 Arena Mexico
1) Astral, Bam Bam, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico
2) Diamante, Fuego, Tritón vs Raziel, Sangre Azteca, Virus
3) Estrellita, Luna Mágica, Silueta vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
4) Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. vs Ephesto, Mephisto, Namajague
5) Atlantis vs Mr. Niebla [lightning]
6) La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Titán vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr.

Estrellita/Amapola returns, Namajague/Stuak continues. Main event Titan! That one should be fun.

01/18 AAA TV Results (Toluca)

AAA TV (FRI) 01/18/2013 Gimnasio Agustín Millán, Toluca [AAABlack Terry Jr. (flickr)]
1) Argenis, Freelance, Pasion Kristal b Billy el Malo, Black Mamba, Yuriko
Unadvertised dark match. Black Mamba’s debut. Argenis beat Billy Boy.
2) Dinastía & Octagoncito b Mini Abismo Negro & Mini Charly Manson
Dinastia pinned Charly with a moonsault.
3) Gran Apache, Jennifer Blake, Mari Apache b Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Lolita
Gran Apache snuck in a foul on Atomic Boy. Atomic’s mask was ripped up and he bled during the match.
4) Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker b Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu
Machine used the Inferno Suplex (his rolling German) on Cuervo for the win. Rockers set upon destroying Cuervo after the match. Fabi tried to make the save, so the Rockers decided to attack her instead, and Cibernetico made the save for everyone.
5) Drago, Fénix, Octagón b Daga, Pentagón Jr., Silver King
Drago replaced Octagon Jr., who was off working a show in Calgary with Konnan and Teddy (which AAA knew in plenty of time to advertise a replacement.) Fenix beat Daga.
6) el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Parka Negra b Cibernético & La Parka [no disqualification]
Explained to be No DQ after the fact. Both the Secta Bizarros & Perros tried to get involved but were expelled from ringside by Piero. Still, Parka Negra hit Parka with a light tube and Perro fouled Cibernetico for the win. Parka bled.

Air Date: 02/02 & 02/09

Parka Negra vs La Parka and Perro vs Cibernetico seem like the big matches right now. However, we did think they were heading to Perro vs Jack Evans this time last year and it never really paid off.

Next taping should be announced in a few hours on AAA TV.