top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. Mistico returned from injury, and made it thru one and half matches before separating his left shoulder again. Mistico returned on a Tuesday, got hurt on a Wednesday, wrestled in a shoulder harness on Saturday, and was announced as off the FantasticaMania shows on Sunday. It’s unknown when he’ll return to the ring, but he did fly to Japan to do interviews. CMLL acknowledged the initial injury and Mistico being taken off shows, but has said no more.
  2. CMLL and NJPW announced the lineups for FantasticaMania, which start Friday. It’s the first time they’re running 3 days of shows.
  3. Rush gave up his CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship, declaring he had no challengers and would rather face Terrible for the CMLL Heavyweight Championship. That title match will take place next week, and a tournament to fill the vacant title will also begin.
  4. CMLL continued hyping their mystery man, who appears to be a foreigner. No debut date has been announced and there’s been a noticeable lack of interest compared to recent CMLL mystery person introductions.
  5. AAA announced the lineup for Friday’s taping in Toluca, their first in nearly a month. They’re still solidly in the slow period.
  6. The CMLL TV show which airs on Fox Sports in Mexico has been picked up again in the US by that verision of that channel. It gives CMLL three different weekly hours of TV in the US (Galavision, 52MX, Fox Sports) despite no plans to run in the country. AAA, who will tell anyone who listens that they’re running in the US in 2013, currently has zero (0) TV in the US.
  • Aereo was the surprising winner of CMLL’s Pequeno Reyes del Aire.
  • An indy promotion is bringing in Matt Cross, Chuck Taylor, Masada and Latin Dragon for a show this Sunday in Coacalco.
  • Consejo, in the midst of breaking up in AAA, are feuding for the tag team titles in IWRG.
  • Juventud Guerrera (Super X) and Ultimo Dragon (Toryumon Mexico) ran their usual shows.
  • People who kept their titles: Terrible, Marcela, Bufete del Amor

One thought to “top six stories of the last two weeks”

  1. I think the reason CMLL is so successful at maintaining so many tv shows is because they are guaranteed to run so many weekly shows, it’s easy for CMLL to commit to Fox, C3, 52mx, and others.

    But their content is garbage. Not very compelling television. Just cheap filler.

    AAA is a nomad promotion going wherever they think they can pop a gate for tv. They’re lucky to get out one weekly television show for Televisa. But they put effort into deciding what makes tv and explaining angles.

    CMLL on Fox Spots in the US is pathetic. They belong on Mundo Fox, the new general entertainment network which has KWHY as a flagship. But I’ve done that rant against Lucha on sports networks before.

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