Mistico lives, resumes career of near death experiences

Wednesday, one of the many questions I had was “why do you run a paid private show on Wednesday morning (instead of a more usual time)?” Well, you run a paid private show on Wednesday morning because you’ve already booked Saturday for a different, paid, private show. This one is for Servicio Panamericano union.

And who should appear on this show

…but our dear amigo Mistico! He’s alive! He’s in one piece! All good news. He’s wearing even more protection on his shoulder, as if they’ve found the magic shoulder formula. I hope so! I don’t think so! But if he’s working here, he’ll be on the Fantasticamania shows, and so at least that part of the story is no longer a story. The part of the story about CMLL putting a guy who’s clearly still damaged and appears to be a danger to himself goes on.

Luchadors are crazy people. CMLL is run by luchadors.

2 thoughts to “Mistico lives, resumes career of near death experiences”

  1. Cool.

    So the next step in his career is to do his first ever Japan tour where he isn’t used to the ropes/turnbuckles, will have tons of pressure on him to succeed/do all his major spots he’s still yet to perfect, will be working with unfarmiliar opponents at times & will be working 3 times in less than 72 hours…

    … while working through a major shoulder injury.

    I see no chance of anything else going wrong.

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