CMLL back on US’s Fox Sports Espanol

Fox Sports Deportes (US version) is now listing a couple of lucha shows show on Sunday evening.

6pm ET has Expediente Fox Sports “El Santo”, a one hour documentary on Santo produced last year. (Some photos here. It doesnt’t seem like it made it online.)

7pm ET has “Lucha Libre CMLL”. Which is – dunno. It’s always tough to tell. The easiest answer is just the same show that airs on Fox Sports Deportes in Mexico – this week, that’d be Rey Cometa vs Namajague, and the tercera and main event from this past week. CMLL programming scarcely makes that much sense, so it could be a random rerun, or a completely different show. CMLL also does it’s best to deny the existence of their television programming, even more so with the shows which air outside of Mexico, so no information is expected to be provided about this one.

Fox Sports Deportes (US version) previously showed CMLL from 2006-2009 (though not particularly consistently.) The last match they showed was Dos Caras Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero, which seems very long ago. The show moved around a lot during that era due to sports commitments, and it seems like it already will if it’s returned to FSE – the show is listed at 3pm ET next Saturday.

2 thoughts to “CMLL back on US’s Fox Sports Espanol”

  1. The concept of Lucha Libre on a sports network is so stupid. Makes no sense in 2013.

    It has worked out for TVC and AAA but they don’t seem to have a lot of live sports that cause time changes. But TVC is only on cable.

    Fox Sports is available in enough homes in both US and Mexico to carry a flagship show, but a general entertainment network like Galavision or Televisa Regional is still the best outlet for Lucha Libre.

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